R.I.P. Arthur Askey

Oooer! I think you are a hit in France, there Foxy! :smiley:

Ah right - I was born 1944, so grew up with all those old comics. I still have a copy of ‘The Eagle’ somewhere. :slight_smile:

I wish I had kept all my old Spiderman comics. :cry:

Oooh La Laaaaa Pixie…:lol:

Do ya want to buy some Longdogs…?

Arthur Askey was around in an era when telling jokes wasn’t essential. Some ‘comedians’ were more an amusing presence rather than good joke tellers. He might have made a good sitcom character.

He would have made a good game show host mart…

Every one of you, hits some spot of other with me, Trixie…
I was born with lots of freak cals…