R.I.P. Arthur Askey

Today is exactly 38 years, 8 months and 9 days since Arthur Askey died, at the age of 82. Although I didn’t particularly like him, and never really thought he was funny, it doesn’t seem right to let the day pass without taking a moment to reflect on his life. I have already taken my moment, but for those who yet haven’t, perhaps now would be a good time.

Arthur, with his almost slightly unforgettable catch phrases, “Hello playmates!”, “I thank you” and “Before your very eyes”, was a regular face on the TV as I was growing up. I’m not sure I ever saw him in colour, and I will always remember him in black and white.

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I’d never heard of him, but I loved this Bee song! Made me laugh - he looked a right character! :smiley:

Never heard of him? :shock::shock:

My commiserations Harbal :hug:

Unfortunately he must have been slightly before my time

Perhaps he was a bit before your time, Pixie, whereas I am old enough not to have been spared.

Than you, Minx. :022:

Yes, you do have that to thank him for.

Hello playmates.

I thank you.

Hard to believe it was all those years ago, where does the time go? :confused: :slight_smile:

That could be said to be a problem LD with having these ‘youngsters’ on OFF, they can make
‘older’ members feel even older (without of course, intending to)! :wink: :slight_smile:

Let’s not forget, “before your very eyes”, mart. :001:

I remember the 60’s … started in black & white, finished in glorious Technicolor.

… like the Beatles:

Ah yes! That too. :slight_smile:

I agree.Of course, I only know of him because my Grandad told me. :lol:

Apparently he made films as well as being on Radio and TV.

Can’t say I have ever seen or heard of any of them though.

Really! :confused:

There’s me believing you worked in the print trade in London during the same years as me LD,
I might not be too good at maths but not that bad! :wink: :slight_smile:

I suppose they were easier to avoid than his TV and radio appearances.

Sad to think that, had he not died, he would be 121 now. :frowning:

I remember him being a character in a comic as well. I thought it was The Beano or The Dandy but it wasn’t. It was one called ‘Radio Fun’.

Well this looks a fun place to hang out…saw it and thought…o you lucky people…wrong chappie…that was Tommy Trinder and he died 80 years and and two week back…could be celebrated as well…:confused:

poor johnny.

ooo he kicked the bucket…coal bucket then though…

roast lamb…mmm baa baa

so you are all lucky…lol

Where did Arthur Askey go to…:wink: