R.I.P. Arthur Askey

I’m so sorry that I’m not yet 50 and won’t be any time soon but I’m an old soul

Have you ever been to Dover, Minx?

That’s okay, Dianne, they were quite similar. :001:

Thanks my good Friend…:confused:

I just have to do all my house work and cut the grass and prepare our banquet for later…be about 5 minutes…if you can wait that long…:058::017: he’s walked out on me again…sob sob sob…

We will wait as long as it takes, Dianne. :001:

your not two timing me are you…sexy legs … :wink:

Sexy legs is Foxy, Dianne… are you mixing up your men again?! :smiley:

You’ll find him round at Harbal’s cleaning windows :twisted:

you know something, Trixie…
I am on the wrong forum…gosh,

so sorry whoever I was trying it on with…:slight_smile:
Forum called big fat guezzer’s with accessories… :017:

.OH… well never mind, I shall bury myself in a set of Britannica Encyclopedias, ,Instead of the Old Boilers Forum…:shock:

Any one for a game of marbles…just I lost mine…:wink:

haha! ok…

I bet you are not really sorry, if you were older than 50 you could well be like some of us!
Not being 50 yet must be such an enormous bonus, all those years yet to come and enjoy!
I wish I could take two or three decades off my age or better still, start again from zero! :wink: :slight_smile:

Yes agree I 2nd that…but you know it is,as it is,…enjoy your life…

I suppose you are right Baz :slight_smile:

You rang M’lady…:cool:

That rings a bell mart. I remember that too. :-p

A bit of Nostalgia here about ‘Big-hearted Arthur’…

Radio Fun was published until 1961

That can’t be what I used to read as I was born in 63 but I do remember seeing something like it. :017: