Quilted toilet paper - the latest rip of toilet scam!

So Sainsbury’s have stopped selling their basics loo roll that was such good value. Bye bye Sainsbury’s.

I went to Tesco to see whether they had anything worth buying and what do I find? The loo roll aisle is chock a block with 50 shades of the quilted garbage that makes the roll look big but really it’s only five or six sheets (use alternate spelling as required!).

Does any shop still sell any decent loo roll that is not quilted and does not have a really big tube in the middle? (please no suggestions of the recycled stuff. Last time I bought that I could swear it smelt of sewage!)

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Use both sides and save the environment

Wouldn’t the environment be saved if humans farted less? Never mind the cows, surely we expel more methane!

I always use Asda’s own brand, Annie, and it’s fine. “Shades” it’s called.
There is quilted and unquilted.

Izal tracing paper that ripped yer bum to shreds. Gimme the quilted garbage any day hehe

Doesn’t the thick quilted stuff block loos?

Mines never got blocked?

Thanks Mups I will have to go there. Funny how we end up shopping based on loo roll. I’ve not seen any decent bottom action at lidl or morrisons, as in worth battling the queues.

Waitrose Essential own brand basic loo paper is good :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip Meg! I will check it out :slight_smile:

Grow a Mullein plant .
They are enormous and have big soft leaves that used to be used for making tea for bronchial trouble and also for loo paper!

John Wayne brand is rough, tough and doesn’t take any shit from Indians.

Aldi does a cheap version

Recycle ?


how many on here should use blotting paper instead I wonder

I never buy any other than Cushelle , (not quilted) the one with the baby koala bear on the packaging .
9 , 16 or 24 rolls at either Sainsburys or Asda .

Why does anyone want quilted ? It’s just a fad for goodness sake !

Buy Aldi’s its cheap cheerful and does the job.
Why spend more than necessary it’s just flush money down the drain.

Tesco still sell normal loo rolls I buy them all the time it’s called spring force if you want the cheaper one but we like super soft, I think I have some sensitive souls in the family LOL

I buy whatever is on offer, after all it’s just money down the drain.:slight_smile:

I have to buy what will go down the loo, our system is a bit sensitive and the quilted stuff seems to cause blockages. We know because people above us seem to use it and when they come and rod the drain it’s miles of clumps of quilted paper. Apparently its quite common it clogs up so I don’t understand why they sell it really.