Prince Phillip

Has been admitted to hospital .
Dodgy when you are 99 even though I am not a royalist I sort of hope the old guy will make it to 100.

I hope he recovers. He’s a wonderful man.

I like him for his directness. He doesn’t give a hoot! Hope he is ok though - even if he did say he wouldn’t like to live to be a 100!

I hope he recovers too, he has a good sense of humour.

:-p I wouldn’t go that far but I wish him well.

If you call rudeness directness I suppose so
Since his marriage to the Queen he has always been in a position not to give a hoot as few people can answer back .
Still now he’s old we have become fond of the rude old B he is a national treasure .:slight_smile:

I have always had a lot of time for him due to my Uncle serving on the same ship as him and saying “he does not suffer fools gladly but then who does but most don’t say it. He does, always did”

Not great to be admitted to hospital at any age even more so when you are 99 :-(.

LOL! Same here, though I certainly don’t think he has any sense of humour. Just arrogant and a nasty bit of work.

Must have a lot of trouble with members of his family .

Todger…is there anyone that you like at all? Genuine question…

I think that has happened along with ageing but I suppose that happens to us all in the end. :lol::lol:

Speak for yourself! I’m determined to grow into a nice wee old lady. :smiley:

LOL! Not in my case. I’ve always been the same.

Oh wait -----


I already am one.:lol:

I hope Philip gets better too. Went to a lecture he gave in London once with my school. He was funny & informative, can’t remember what it was about now, but it was about 65 years ago.:lol:

Not many. As far as the Windsor’s go I can tolerate Princess Anne, I rate BoJo highly, same with president Trump (who should STILL be POTUS) and some of my family.

Philip …I don’t like him but I wouldn’t want him to suffer

The sooner the better then eh Ripple.
Ripple what a lovely name it just rolls off the tongue. oooops a Prince Phillip moment there. :blush:

Personally I believe.
The guy is a joker and uses his position to get away with speaking what he thinks knowing he can.
In saying that lets hope he lives to get a message from his missus when he reach’s 100.

:wink: Ta

As for Philip I’m not going to wish him gone …but he’s definitely a tad on the obnoxious side … imo