Prince Harry in ’email correspondence’ with King’s office over coronation attendance - Update - Prince Harry to attend coronation without Meghan

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been in “email correspondence” with the King’s office over whether they will attend the King’s coronation ceremony on May 6.

The Coronation of the King and Queen Consort will take place at Westminster Abbey on the Saturday morning, conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

According to reports, Harry has been in contact with Charles’ representatives concerning their attendance. But the duke has said that he would not yet be disclosing whether a decision had been made on his and Meghan’s attendance.

A Sussex spokesperson told The Times: “I can confirm The Duke has recently received email correspondence from His Majesty’s office regarding the coronation. An immediate decision on whether The Duke and Duchess will attend will not be disclosed by us at this time.”

Well, an email’s better than a text message but not as personal as a phone call - perhaps Harry was just “cc”'d … :037:

Well, they’ve been invited, so nobody can complain that the couple were left out, and they have been offered accommodation at Buckingham Palace, so security while they’re here should not be a problem.
I can’t say I’m bothered whether Harry and Meghan accept the invitation or not. It would probably be less fuss if they chose not to come because the media are bound to make a big deal about it and the day should not be about them.
It will be Charles and Camilla’s day - as long as those two are there to be crowned, that’s the main point of the occasion.


I’m wondering whether Charles has a perverted, ironic sense of humour … the suite he’s offered them at Bucks Palace is Andrew’s old suite where he took his model girlfriends and stash of teddy bears.

Still … I bet dog bowls will sell out incase there’s a shortage.

I think they’ll come. Harry, at all costs, likes to make out that he is not the one to hold a grudge and that it’s his dad and brother at fault … a victim can not be a long suffering martyr if there is no crowd to play to and no next instalment of hand wringing persecution.


I think they will be there if only to get another I was snubbed book and masses of it’s me again Markle interviews out of it .


I do feel a bit sorry for Charles, he’s never been the star of his own life, has he?

Andrew was the Queens favourite, he hated boarding school and felt abandoned and neglected and the Duke of Edinburgh had no respect for him and the public liked Ann

Then Diana was the star of his married days and now the Coronation, which should be all about him, is being taken over with all the nonsense from Meghan and Harry

They’ve been invited so they can’t claim to have been excluded but I think it would be much better if they didn’t come


Yes I agree Maree, They will be tolarated but not made welcome IMO. much better to give it a miss, but say Thank you…Nicely.


He has perhaps been a little better since that old harridan the Queen Mother popped her clogs. It was she who kiboshed his early days courting Camilla and pushed Diana into his life.


Yes, really Camilla and him were always the real love story

But you see what I mean, he’s spent his life being pushed around and shoved out of the limelight :woman_shrugging:

Maybe he needs to grow a pair and be a bit more kingly!

I can’t see the Duke of Edinburgh putting up with Harry and Meghan’s tripe


He was too old and ill in his final months on this earth, but in his younger days of say up to 95, he would have given them both a broadside of repeated fire. To him a spade was a spade and an a’hole was an a’hole. Anyone behaving like an a’hole was treated as such and that’s why I liked him👍


I never really looked at it that way … not being a big fan of his as I think he lacks back bone.
But . it must limit you waiting in the wings so long, most of your adult life in fact. , and to be kept in your mother’s shadow stifles any regard or reputation you might manage to make in your own right … and let’s face it, Lizzie’s a hard act to follow

Worse, it comes at a time with fallout from Andrew and Harry who seem bent on destroying the royals reputation.

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Tripe… could work as the title for another book?
It’d probably be offal anyway.

Prince Harry’s US visa could be revoked after his claims that weed and psychedelics were a “fundamental” part of his life.

The royal told therapist Dr Gabor Mate he began using weed and ayahuasca - a psychoactive drink - to help cope with trauma from his past.

His admission came as part of an interview for Dr Mate’s The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness, and Healing in a Toxic Culturen which he claimed: “I started doing it recreationally and then started to realize how good it was for me.”

But according to some, US immigration officials take a Draconian stance when it comes to non-Americans using drugs in the country.

Cannabis is legal in California, where Prince Harry currently resides, and while ayahuasca is permitted for religious use only in the States, certain cities have opted to decriminalise it.

In some instances in the past, however, British nationals like Harry have been barred from entering the US over drugs controversies - in 2014, Nigella Lawson was stopped from getting on a US-bound flight following her admission during an unrelated trial she had previously taken cocaine.

According to Piers Morgan, the Duke of Sussex may have jeopardised his stay by admitting his drug use for health reasons. Piers Morgan suggested that Harry should avoid boarding a plane to the UK for the King’s coronation in May if he doesn’t want to risk getting stuck on the way home.

“Another compelling reason why we don’t want them at the king’s coronation,” said the controversial host. We might end up being stuck with them for good."

Perish the thought … :scream:

:zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face:

They both would make good candidates for The Tower (of London) and traitors gate👍


Charles has waited a long time for this coronation .
All the attention should be on King Charles and Camilla his queen consort .


The couple will be controversial figures at King Charles’ big do, given their recent Netflix docu-series and Prince Harry’s explosive tell-all memoir Spare, both of which were scathing in their assessments of the Royal Family.

With less than two months until the coronation, speculation is mounting over whether Prince Harry will attend the ceremony alone or with his young family in tow.

The Sussexes’ son Archie turns four on May 6, leading some to believe Meghan will snub the ceremony to celebrate her first child’s birthday in the United States or elsewhere.

But others believe the entire family will attend and stay at Frogmore Cottage, their former residence.

The couple’s children are considered too young to attend the ceremony and it is believed they will attempt to spend at least part of the day with their son for his birthday if they do make the trip to London.

Cold shoulder - Wikipedia.

“Cold shoulder” is a phrase used to express dismissal or the act of disregarding someone. Its origin is attributed to Sir Walter Scott in a work published in 1816, which is in fact a mistranslation of an expression from the Vulgate Bible.

The expression “cold shoulder” has been used in many literary works, and has entered into the vernacular. It has been used as a description of aloofness and disdain, a contemptuous look over one’s shoulder, and even in the context of a woman attempting to decline the advances of an aggressive man. Overall, it remains widely popular as a phrase for describing the act of ignoring someone or something, or giving an unfriendly response.


The first recorded use of the expression was in 1816 by Sir Walter Scott in the Scots language, in The Antiquary. This expression is a mistranslation of the Latin phrase dederunt umerum recedentem from the Book of Nehemiah 9.29 from the Vulgate Bible, which actually means “stubbornly they turned their backs on you”, which comes from the Septuagint Bible’s Greek equivalent ἔδωκαν νῶτον ἀπειθοῦντα. Latin umerus (often misspelled humerus) means both “shoulder” and “back”:

Ye may mind that the Countess’s dislike did na gang farther at first than just shewing o’ the cauld shouther

The phrase also appears in one of Scott’s later works, St. Ronan’s Well.

… and the Sussex’s are going to get it … :face_with_monocle:

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I sincerely hope they stay away from the coronation as I have a distinct feeling the public lining the route will boo the couple loudly and that would be unfair to the King & Queen.


I suspect there’ll be a small number of loons along the route who might act upon Clarkson’s suggestion!!

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Agree. He needs to grow a pair.

Screwed if they do come and screwed if they don’t. What a position to be in. Personally if I had been Harry when I left that would have been the last any of them saw or heard from me.

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