Prince Harry and the memorial service

Although not a royalist I think that Prince Harry has sunk to a new low by not going to his grandfathers memorial .i hope he changes his mind and makes a last minute dash to get there .
It looks so bad . The brave soldier is too afraid of the U.K. ( where he was born and raised ) to come to his own grandfathers memorial . Plenty of VIPs will be there security will be tight .Clearly the puppet mistress has said no , you shall not go or his own swollen sense of pride has stopped him . I half hope he turns up after all.


That is so wrong of him, not to go. Why is he so concerned about security and safety? Is it because of the things he and she said during the OW interview?

He must do the right thing, and attend his grandfather’s memorial service, and to see his ailing grandmother. He won’t get another chance.

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If Harry’s worried about security, he could always bring Will Smith with him! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :smiley:


He could walk into this country without any security there are any amount of ginger headed lookalikes all over the place .Anyway he’s not that important only in his imagination .


I can understand understand him staying away…it would turn into a media circus if he turned up and for all the wrong reasons

What constitutes a media circus ?
He is a minor royal and there will be loads of them there he’s a former soldier surely a few cameras won’t frighten him off ? The press are always kept in check by the police ( paid for by us ) so what difference will it make ?

He’s become the lowest of the low and gives Sussex a bad name. He should be stripped of his links to Sussex, my county🤬


They are only fancy meaningless titles anyway .

The only thing meaningless about Sussex, is Harry himself and of course that pain-in-the-arse bint he married! He must have lost his sense of reasoning when he allowed himself to be hooked by that one.


Best he does stay away, I agree with Summer it would turn into a right media circus, all focus would be on him. The memorial is about Prince Philip, the press would be just concentrating on Harry.

I don’t want to see him anyway, can’t stand him since he got with that little attention seeking wife of his. She’s ruined him in my eyes.


I think he needs to take a long look at himself and man up

He’s going to regret it for the rest of his life if he doesn’t come and will have burned his bridges with his family

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Perhaps Harry wants to go to the Shane Warne Memorial at the MCG on Wednesday?

An article in the Telegraph over the weekend suggested that if he did turn up he would possibly be booed by the public (maybe by his family too :grinning:) and that would upset him …

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He already has, hasn’t he? And isolated himself from most of the British public too.
The order of service was in the Telegraph this morning and his name was noticeably absent.
I noticed that Randy Andy is going though, but it was also made clear that no military uniforms would be worn, no doubt for his benefit as he is no longer entitled to wear one.

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I have this on in the background and I on turning round my first thought what a shame it must be for Prince Williams’s kids to have to shake hands with all the bishops etc as there were loads of them, boring. :grinning:


How unforgiving and judgemental of some.

He is showing classic symptoms of PTSD.

He lost his Mum at an early age and then did 2 deployments in Afghanistan, which he volunteered for.

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Fanfare, lights, music, pay attention stand up straight, shoulders back, here arrives Her Majesty the Queen…on the arm of Randy Andy. Holy Norah. Good Lord…


IMO he’s showing classic symptoms of being an total prat .


I wondered if Prince Harry would turn up at the last minute too! I was disappointed he didn’t.

I don’t think it would have turned into a media circus. It would have done if Meghan had turned up too.

Anyway, being there in respect for his grandfather is far more important than worrying about it causing a media circus.

Family is everything.


We get all our information from journalists.
Does anyone actually trust journalists?
Don’t they always phrase everything in a big sensational way?

Maybe there are reasons us ‘commoners’ know nothing about?
Suppose he has had death threats for example?

I am not sticking up for him, just trying to see a bigger picture instead of only the end result.