Prince Andrew settles out of court!

Just that really! No surprises here :roll_eyes:

Prince Andrew settles US civil sex assault case Prince Andrew settles US civil sex assault case - BBC News

… … which just goes to prove she was simply driven by big bucks and absolutely nothing else.
Now I wont be able to believe a word she utters or writes🤬


They just live in a cesspit … both of them.
She got half a million pay off from Epstein back in 2009 … in effect buying her silence … which sounded rather mucky, like legalised blackmail one might say.


Exactly my thoughts LD. She was doing very nicely as a high class prostitute. But then when her income stream was threatened when Epstein was arrested, she had to think of another way of making money :angry:.


Whatever it cost him, I suspect he would gladly pay twice as much if it could repair the personal damage all this has done to him. Social position and standing matters a lot to his sort. :089:


Nah … with all of The Royal Lodge Windsor to flounce around in, he’ll be sucking Fergie’s toes before bedtime tonight.

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I suspect his mother twisted his arm until he did what he was told. She hardly wanted this expense and worry hanging over her in her jubilee year.


Pity he ever got mixed up with that crew in the first place. He’s lost an awful lot thanks to that wee wretch…
We have all done stupid things but because of who he is it’s been made far worse thanks mostly to the wonderful media, who of course would never screw him or anyone else over.


Wow, I don’t see that coming at all. :astonished:

Because I can’t see why any bloke who was innocent and had enough dosh to fight the case would settle, I’m seeing this as an admission he did it, but others won’t of course :balance_scale::balance_scale::astonished::thinking:

I used to used wonder if maybe he’d been framed, exploited and used, but not now

She was just a kid when he met her and he’s daughters so you’d have thought he’d have looked at the young girls Epstein was turning out and either spoken up or legged it out of there :angry:

Epstein and his pervy mates lifestyle enticed her into that way of life when she was young and easily led and her parents encouraged it

So she became what they made her and it’s them I blame, not her

She was a kid when she got into that swamp Andrew was a grown man

And I say well done to the media and everyone who kept this going. Here’s hoping she enjoys her cash :white_check_mark:

But money talks, eh? It can even get you off the hook for perving on young girls :pound::balance_scale::moneybag:


You might not think she deserves the money, and she probably doesn’t, but I don’t see it as being morally worse that it is in her possession rather than Andrew’s. Neither of them deserve it, truth be told.



She has got what she wanted, Andrew has not.

She has apology from him, all costs to be paid by Andrew and he has to make a substantial donation to Charity.

In a Civil Case, which this is, both sides have to negotiate and the Judge does not like it if one side continues to insist on a hearing if the other side make what is seen by the Judge as a fair and reasonable offer.

Both sides had gone through disclosure, so Andrew had been advised by his legal team on what her lawyers had and had decided that Andrew would lose.


@Maree ,Nah, Andrew was the victim , what harm did he do her?
she was allready a prostitute when he met her !!
She had some very clever lawyers that used the good name of
the British royal family to apply pressure on them to make all
the media noise go away !!
I don’t think Andrew is going to be paying anything personally
though, even if he has sold his alpine chalet l expect the Royal
Firm has bought it to enable him to pay?( The sale took place
in a very short time !)
Paid to a charity ?? Don’t make me laugh !!
Donkeyman! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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And I’d bet he would have lost because he did it, but we’ll never know now

And we didn’t have all this noble talk about settlement and giving to charity until the judge rejected his appeal to get the case chucked out

Bit of a nerve really, giving a donation to a charity that supports victims rights when he was all for denying her those rights right up until he realised he’d lose :rage:


Yeah, you’re right, the money’s not going to come out of Andrew’s back pocket but hopefully he’s suffered in other ways, so good

He’s still protected by money and position of course, and it ain’t fair but that’s the way the world rolls

What he did wrong was seeing girls as young as his daughters turned out by Epstein as prostitures and continuing to be his mate after he got done for it. Nasty

Did he have sex with them himself? we don’t know, but it sounds like it. Also nasty

I wonder if the settlement prevents further disclosure?

Shame if it does because there’s a film and a couple of books in there and I think Andrew is getting off too easily.


@Maree , You make sex sound like a crime Maree ??
Epstein was the criminal !
This slut only got paid because her lawyers shook the royal
tree untill some fruit fell out ??
In her photo with Andrew she looked ecstatic, and she was also
above the legal age of consent at the time too , so it was. not
abuse either ??
Donkeyman! :-1::roll_eyes::-1:

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I would never say Prince Andrew was blameless in all this. He was mucky through and through, and deserved to be publicly shamed for his despicable behaviour. God, how must his daughters feel knowing their father was bedding young girls their age?

But! Giuffre knew exactly what she was getting into, and it disgusts me how she has played the victim throughout this sordid story. She was doing very nicely thank you very much, earning thousands and thousands of dollars. And she looked perfectly happy in that photo with PA - if it is indeed genuine, which has been questioned. No, sorry, but she was no victim. She knew just how to play her cards, and she’s just come up trumps.


“Slut” . Gawd, what else do you want to call her?

Epstein was the criminal having sex with under age children, Prince Andrew was very closely associated with him, this settlement is as close as an admission of guilt as you are likely to get. She should be applauded not vilified.

If you are rich enough you can get away with just about anything most of the time.



Some very harsh comments on here.

Two inescapable facts, she was underage in the USA as regards the age of consent.

Secondly she was underage in the UK for being a Prostitute.

Andrew knew this.

She was flown from one Country to another, Andrew knew this.

Legally, she was a trafficked minor.

Andrew knew this.

She was groomed by a very sophisticated operation.

Here in the UK we prosecute those who groom and those who have sex with those who have been groomed.

Why did Andrew give in?

He was very aggressive in his defence, denied everything.

He was also arrogant in his TV Interview with Emily Maitlis.

Andrew lost the first hearing and then demanded a trial by jury in this hearing.

His name counts for nothing in the USA and juries there award vast amounts of damages.

His legal team was very aggressive, demanded loads of evidence from her and basically threatened to drag her through the mud.

Her legal asked for two things.

Medical Records that he could not sweat and records of his whereabouts at the day in question, ie the Birthday Pizza visit.

Andrew was incapable of producing the Medical Records of being unable to sweat and you may have noticed that he has been such an arrogant prat that ex staff have been breaking the wall of silence and may well have known where he was on the day he claimed to be having a Pizza.

He had to come to a deal.

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He will be paying over £12 million with some help from Mummy.

Thats £4million a leg over.

I doubt Andrew had that amount of cash so mummy must have paid as Galty says . They really are a dysfunctional family .

So what did Miss what’s her name get out of this if she doesn’t get the money and it has to go to charity?