Premium Bonds - have you won anything?

£250 this month better than working

I couldn’t believe it when I won £50 a couple of weeks ago.
I only have 9 premium bonds that my mum and dad bought in my name when I was born in 1962.

It’s the second time they’ve won … the first time my parents bought a bunk bed for me and my sister.


£150 this month… :slightly_smiling_face:

This might be you next time,

NS&I saver with just £10 in Premium Bonds wins £50,000 – after buying Winning Bond in 1990 (

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@galty … that’d be lovely… but am I feeling lucky?

I won $24.65 on the Lotto this week, what I really wanted was the $200million jackpot.

Checked this morning and I won £125 and Husband £400. :clap::clap:


£400 for me and Mrs LD, but one of the two nurses sharing my home came up with £25k which will go towards their house deposit :+1::grin::clap:


The Fox benefits from a £100 win on the bonds this month…
:mini: :mini: :mini: :mini: :mini: :mini:
Yabba Dabba Doooooo!

What happened to realspeed?

Husband £400, me £125.

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Gosh well done ! :grinning: