Post your daily exercise routine

I’ve just joined the forum and one of my main interests is keeping fit. I train or run about four times a week and I’ve kept a ‘progress journal’ on the more specialised fitness websites.

I thought it would be a good idea for you to note a little each time about your own exercises routines, be it walking, running, swimming, weights or anything.

Perhaps we could ask each other for advice, tips or generally converse about our ways of keeping fit.

Shortly, I’ll post my most recent outing to the gym.:slight_smile:

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Well I walk the dogs and I do an office cleaning job 2-4 hours week days apart from that not a lot. Still seem to be here though so it’s not killed me yet.

Sorry Floydy official “couch spud” here lol well not really I do walk my dog but as for regimented excercise ,im way past that ,had my days in the gym yrs ago now and no inkling to return :slight_smile:

Walking here :slight_smile: 1-3 miles a day with the dog plus housework and gardening :slight_smile:

I have to smile at the young people (and I know a few) who go to the gym regularly but their houses are a mess and could do with a good clean. I suppose cleaning isn’t so glamorous as the gym even if you wear a leotard .

When I have cleaned the windows or dug the garden I feel I have had a good workout.

I recently dug all the soil out of my raised beds /put it on the lawn/tipped horse muck in the bottom/then put the soil back.
Who need weight lifting :lol:

I’m liking these replies :slight_smile: It doesn’t matter how little you do in the way of exercise, even a short walk is enough. The best response I got from someone summed it up perfectly: The calories burnt off should be more than the calories taken in. I reckon that way we can safely judge our weight to keep some sort of reasonable form :slight_smile:

Dog walking everyday and exercise bike daily thats enough for me☺

Good idea Floydy, I believe that while ever you’ve got your mobility it will keep you young whatever your age. I’ve been a runner for over thirty years. Although older and slower now I get out four times a week with a longest run of around ten miles on a Sunday. On the non running days I try to go out walking, and use the exercise bike.
I always walk rather than take the car if possible, and love hill work.

I get up, feed the cats and dog, go back to bed, get up again take Floyd out for a walk, sit down. Get up do housework or shopping, go for a nap. Get up again … all that up and down stuff wears me out by teatime!

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That sounds great OldGreyFox. The main thing for me starting again is I never seemed to get enough fresh air. I’m beginning slowly with a mile or two but hoping to increase that soon. I’ll always do my gym work too though - it’s built into my psyche!:slight_smile:

Well, I’ve had knee, shoulder and neck surgery. What I can do physically is pretty limited.

The only exercise I get is at work. Depending on the production schedule, I walk anywhere between 3 to 7 miles a day, going back and forth between the printing & ink departments.

I wear a knee wrap that’s a real life saver.

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I work part time, all standing, walking quickly also look after a very active 4 year old one afternoon/evening a week.
I don’t think that’s enough though so I go to a gym, circuit training, 3/4 times a week and you have to move along sharpish!! Have done this for 15 years now so it’s just part of my life, I enjoy it and will carry on as long as I am able.
I eat a healthy diet, counting my calories every day, obsessive? yes, maybe but it works for me. I have treats but only occasionally and one day a week I have a ‘light’ day with no cooked food apart from a bowl of soup - my detox day!
I’m a healthy 9st 7lbs and no sign of osteoporosis - this at 60plus so well pleased. :smiley:

At 79 I don’t do a lot of exercise as such, but not having a car I do walk as much as I can, and once a week I walk with my shopping trolley to our local Aldi to do my weekly supermarket shop ( cheaper by far than the local Sainsburys which is 10 mins at the most away), which takes me half and hour there and half an hour back.
Otherwise it just gardening when I’m in the mood, and of course housework when I feel it’s apsolutely necessary.

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In the past i had many hobbies to keep me fit and healthy most of them contributed to health problems over the years in some way or other. Eventually started walking lots and also swimming, both of these i highly recommend, in the case of walking having hobbies that you can enjoy at the same time boosts the enjoyment of the days workout.

When I began this thread, I said I would post the occasional exercise routine. I know this may look rather double Dutch to some of you but it’s fairly typical of the exercise routine I do in the gym.

Today was my first day of training for 8 days and it felt like it to begin with. I was feeling (and looking) fat, flat and so out of breath that it took all my might to get myself going. But when I got underway, I think you’ll agree that I pulled out all the stops for this 2-hour marathon, employing an all-over workout for my sins. I’ve left out all the weights used and sets/repetition structure to list just the basic apparatus I used to give you an idea.

Saturday 24.10.15 Full body:

  1. Barbell press, 15° incline (warm-up)
  2. Incline chest press
  3. Triceps pulldown
  4. E-Z curl, seated preacher bench, low pull
  5. DB concentration curl, alt
  6. DB preacher curl, top of bench
  7. High pull bicep cable curls
  8. BB forearm reverse curl
  9. Seated row, hammer bar
  10. Lat pulldown, underarm grip
  11. Smith incline medley, fixed weight
  12. Single DB raise, lying flat bench
  13. Seated (horizontal) leg press
  14. Leg extensions
  15. Incline leg press
  16. Ab crunch
  17. Rope face pulls
  18. Seated row, underarm grip (straight bar)
  19. Chest press, seated stack machine
  20. Shoulder press

Time: 2hr.05 mins.

I was immensely pleased with today’s session in the end. It was tough to begin with but I got into my stride and ended up feeling refreshed and so please I made the effort.
If there is anyone on here who does any gym training and would like any advice or tips, even exercise routines, I’m only too happy to help out. Rgds. :slight_smile:

Feel quite tired just reading it

I sit in my riser/recliner every day and waggle my feet and ankles - that’s just about as strenuous an exercise as I want to do.

Hi Floydy, I used to be a Keep-fit fanatic and weights, but now at the age of 60, I have two discs in my back sticking out, sciatica, leg muscle problems and can’t even get up a hill now, but I do try and walk for 1 hr. every day, plus I do a lot of housework, I do try and do some home exercises but I have to be careful of my back.

I’ve had both knees replaced so I don’t do the Gym, I swim 50 lengths a day Monday to Friday and walk a few miles daily with the dogs. I also ride one of my partners Clydesdales, but not on my own. I think my Surgeon would have a fit if he knew about the horses but I refuse to give it up, I just need help mounting and dismounting…

Some great replies on here, thanks for the responses they are much appreciated. :slight_smile:
I understand that as we age our bodies become more susceptible to injury. Exercise does help in any way possible, whether it’s just be a short walk - every little counts. Just do what you can and you’ll always feel the benefit.

Ran 6 miles tonight and now enjoying cold milk with sum vodka innit - nice :slight_smile: . Wonderful sport is running / jogging but it ain’t for everyone. So many aspects to running making it a sport you can continue to do throughout your life and not get bored (as long as you consider it from all angles). I’m looking forward to getting my BMI right down (body fat) which will enable me to run as of days of old - on my toes. Seems to make no difference how old you are as the challenges are the same, but you run a little slower (maybe).