Poor Arthur

Arthur is our black and white rescue who we have had coming two years after losing Alfie

He had a bad start in life having been dumped at the side of a busy road as a kitten. He was caught and taken to the rescue centre where he spent a few months , being over looked because he was so shy and standoffish

Anyway he’s had a good home with us, rules us completely, even mother is smitten and moans if he hasn’t been in to see her :slight_smile:

Got in from work last night and his eye was weeping and he was keeping it closed. Got him to the vets this morning and it’s not good news. From what she could see, the entire eye is ulcerated and the weeping was blood tinged. Antibiotic, pain killer and eye drops and back Tuesday , but she thinks the eye is too damaged to be saved - she will know more on Tuesday if the welling goes down and she can get a better look

Totally devistated :frowning:

Little tyke has managed to get the cone off and we are feared to put it back on him as he keeps getting his back leg stuck in it and he’s going mental wanting to go out but he’s not allowed out case he gets anything in the eye making it worse

Tuesday is going to be a long way away :frowning:

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Aw, bless him, I hope he gets better soon.

Poor Arthur, I hope the medication helps him. He’s a handsome lad.

What a little sweety - hope all goes well for you.
They are like part of the family.

Ah he looks really sweet.

It would be terrible news if his eye cannot be saved but as I am sure you know, cats are very resilient and he will function well with one eye and will still look as handsome.

Hoping for good news though Missy. Please let us know how he gets on Tuesday.

Missy, Arthur will cope if he does lose his eye, so it is you I feel sorry for.:frowning:

Cats are wonderful at coping with disabilities, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that your vet may be wrong on this occasion. :slight_smile:

Poor Arthur, I hope his eye can be saved :frowning:

What a beautiful puss - I hope all goes well for him.

Oh gosh Missy your Arthur looks so much like George one of my cats… I’m so sorry he has this problem and I truly hope he gets over it …

A suggestion here if the vet says surgery is needed please don’t rush into it. I have owned cats all my life and they are very resilient, my advice would be take him home and as long as he isn’t in distress I would just wait a while and let nature have a hand in his recovery. Of course if he is in distress or the condition gets worse surgery might be needed.

Aw poor Arthur :frowning: Missy I hope his eye recovers but if it doesn’t cats manage well with one eye .

Thank you all so much for your posts, means a lot to me

I don’t do humans so well but my animals are something different, I get teased chronic for talking hens to the vet

I know cats do well with just one eye and I know my vet won’t be doing anything that isn’t needed. I will go with their advice. ( they have looked after so many of my animals and ultimately me)

It’s just it’s My Arthur.

If it were my grandchild I’d be more pragmatic

Not that I’d wish that on him but with a human I can deal with it,I’m strong and would be the one drying everyone else’s eyes

But my pet , my Achilles Heel. I’m in bits even though we haven’t even gott to Tuesday yet

I’m a wuss

You’re not a wuss.
If anything happened to my cat I’d be gutted.
He’s my little buddy!

There must be lots of wusses on here in that case… me included.

There are a lot of owners of pussies too Missy, and I am sure we are all hoping, along with yourself, that Arthur comes through this safely. :slight_smile:

My mother had a black and white cat called Bimbo! He only had one eye as the other one had got infected.
When my mother died, l took him in. He only ate chicken, crushed beef crisps and baby rice.
Having only one eye didn’t seem to affect him at all.

Missy, I hope the vet can save your cat’s eye.

Thankyou for all the kind words

Arthur has been going mental wanting out so has taken to attacking my feet whenever he can :slight_smile:

Hes being very good about accepting his eye drops and painkiller, I swear I have shares in Metacam as it seems thats all I buy from the vets. I have bottles of it here already, but nope - different one for cats then dogs, but the dog one was suitable for the duck :slight_smile:

The weeping from the eye is now clear coloured so fingers crossed it is healing

Hes sleeping laid up against the fire at the moment, his favourite spot.

I’m pleased Arthur is recovering and is being good in accepting his medication, Missy :slight_smile:

That sounds more hopeful, Missy.
Hope it heals well and saves his eye after all.

It does doesn’t it.

When we first got our kittens the girls eye was scratched during a play fight and her eye turned sort of opaque. We feared the worst but within a few days, it had returned to normal.

I am always amazed at how much cats can endure and I have my fingers crossed for little Arthur.