Planes Bikes and Automobiles

No, I took that yesterday, just couldn’t be arsed to post it then :smiley:

Feeling more “arsed” this morning

thats a bummer

12 days and counting.

do you need to pack a suitcase?

Nah, the vehicle is one big suitcase :smiley:

Been out on the Saracen for the first time this year, she has just passed 1500 miles on leccy power

sounds good, dunnit

Max, I don’t rip about anymore just cruise, maybe about to “RIP” :smiley:

The final installation, just in time for this weeks departure.

have you gone yet >

Not quite :smile: off grid at the end of the week :grin:

Got the final bit of equipment and the most important for going “Wild” :smile:


This is living on the edge!!!

Had a bad chest for four days now, just had my first antibiotic, hopefully there will be some improvement over the next day or two or the maiden voyage may have to be postponed, but the tele is in in anticipation, just got to get my Son round to set up the sim cards etc.

get better soon m8, can’t miss that maiden

Cheers Max, I will know tomorrow, If push comes to shove, the pitch is paid for so I could buy another recovery day and travel Saturday morning, the driving takes a lot of concentration on minor roads because the wing mirrors stick out so far so I need peak concentration.

The next trip is to the Cotswolds in three weeks time

Chest ain’t no better, managed to move the booking to next week, sofas calling

Well, visitation number one done, so peaceful, next three pre-booked, time to introduce the bike and get back to basics.