Pixel king trigger/receiver

it came up on another site about an issue someone had using a particular flash gun setup he had and loosing power. So I thought it may be of interest to some on here

What I use is a product called Pixel King X flash gun trigger and receivers.
these are them

So how do they work?
the master controller sits on the top of a camera and receives electronic signals from it. From there it goes wirelessly to the receivers ( top 2 items in photo above)

now these fix to the bottom of a flashgun like this

which recive the signal and transmitted into the flash gun which then fires a flash

that is the simple explaination , however using these allows as many flashguns to fire at the same time and in groups as well. What I mean is you may have 4 flashguns in one group at full brightness and another 4 in another group not set so bright. A really flexible way to do flash photography using flashguns.
One reason I chose this make against other well know makes is this master as shown has a bypass allowing a flashgun to be mounted on top, not all will do this.

using flashguns create a completely different way of photography allowing shadows to play an important part of the photo. I have in the past done shots of flower with lighting done this way something a camera phone just can’t do

I must do more of these