Panasonic G9 - going four thirds

Yep Just ordered a new Panasonic G9 camera which is a four thirds sensor size camera. One main reason is weight it is a lot smaller and lighter than my Nikon cameras . I could have gone for a later version theG11 but it costs a lot more just for a better video quality. As I have the Panasonic HC-X1500 camcorder the video side of getting the camera didn’t concern me.
This new one coming tomorrow can do 4K or 6K photos which is what I am really after. as it came out in 2017 it is getting harder to find this older model and I grabbed ther last one WEX camera store had. I am actually trading in a really heavy Nikon lens and hardly ever used so hopefully the ofset cost should go towards another lens for this new camera.
As always I did a lot of reseach first and could have gone with another make ,but then if I want to include a still photo within a video far better to use the same make of camera and lens . Something I shall definately have a go at.
The camera also has what is best describe as shake reduction within the camera body which will be a great help.
Some of the features are the same as my panasonic compact camera but also has a lot of different ones to learn as well.
Think I might sell one of my cameras the nikon D300 plus a couple of lenses as I havn’t used them for a good while. the money going towards another lens for this Panasonic G9 camera.
Being four thirds does also allow a large selection of third party lenses to fit on it, more research first though.
Any guesses what I shall be doing for the next few days?

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Um…give us a clue… :grinning:

Finding out how to open the parcel should consume a few hours to start with,Then of course examining inside to check if I got what I ordered (scary moment). Joking of course.

As I already have a Panasonic DC-TZ95 camera the menu is much the same plus a bit more. Aways thinking ahead I really want to video and take stills on the upcomming holiday but not laden with a lot of camera gear. Getting it now before that version is no longer available give me a chance to get finding my way around it, menu wise that is. As both the camcorder and the G9 use the same lens make and processing engine, inserting stills into a video hopefully will be that bit easier . Referring to the Panasonic HC-X1500 camcorder that is.

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It is good that you brought this up because I was going to ask you whether, on your recent cruises, you had seen anybody else using a camcorder?

They seem to be destined for history unless you are a professional film maker perhaps. Most of the Youtube money makers seem to use a modern digital SLR style cameras like the Canon EOS or its Nikon equivalent. You only need one camera to cover all eventualities, presumably that leaves you more money to buy accessories such as a gimbal.

A fair few even just use their phone with more than acceptable results. I was surprised how easy it was when I made one very quick attempt - all done on my phone in a few minutes (Yes I know it shows)

But none the less it shows the potential of cheaper ways of film making rather than carrying two bulky cameras.

Let’s face it, if you are only going to show your films on a TV or Youtube 1080p is more than adequate. As a happy amateur most of the fun is in the editing.

When I bought my two Panasonic cameras I did consider the G9 but ended up buying an LX10 and a TZ110 - the former for everyday use and the later for it’s longer lens when travelling.

Their video features are fine too.

As an aside: I recently dug out my old Canon G16 hoping to give it a new lease of life but found it too heavy, too bulky and it will be once again relegated to a cupboard. The only feature I like on it better than the Panasonics is the on/off button - the Panasonics are far too easily turned on by accident in the case or pocket for example.


Lets put it this way, when we did the Norway -fareo isle and Iceland cruise one thing I desperately wanted to video were Puffins. Everyone on the cruise had camera and failed miserably to get even a picture of one. This was because they were so far out to sea catching sprate. I was the only one who managed to video them. During part of this particular trip in the cafe everyone was dissapointed until I showed what I had videoed. every single one in the group decided to consider getting a camcorder. This is one of the videos i showed them and they were amazed, you could not even see the puffins just using the eyes. hand holding a camcorder and the sea movement made it very hard but oh my god was I delighted with the clips I got

YouTube? v= zyrq0rZHnKM

The whole point is when people think about photography the first thing that comes to mind is camera or camera/phone and that is as far as it goes. Which to be fair is understandable.
Not that many people are actually interested in taking videos mainly because they have never come across or used one. They just want to show a print to friends. all they really want is the “norty” shots such as grannie with her skirt blowing up in the wind

For me yes I will still take “still” photos but doing that gives no idea of surroundings or/and associated sounds. like any hobby one goes a little deeper into the chosen subject. Some get really expressive make a cake, to me to is just something to eat.

Your other point about showing on youtube is not for me what it is all about. It is a moving history of where I have been I can watch ovoer and over again.

I have a motto which hold good for all types of photography. " If the person who takes a video or still is happy with what they have taken, then that is good enough, However if other also like them as well treat it as a bonus"

How or what one uses is a personal choice. As long as they are considerate to those about them and if necessary ask first is the correct way to go. Many a time have I waited until chldren have gone before videoing and had parents thank me for doing so.

I use my iPhone.
Does anyone bother to have prints ? I keep the majority of my pics on cloud.

Puffin is a health hazard

At last getting rid of my Nikon 80-400mm lens in P/X plus cash for the panasonic G9 which came yesterday evening.
today experimenting with the settings and got it more of lesss how I wanted for the moment.
there are “locked” settings which retain the menu how one sets it up called C1 C2 C3 being the main ones.
so everytime i wanted to add another feature frim the menu I just go into say C1 and override the previous settings. That way eventually I get the camera to perform as I want. this still leaving me to use video or aperture priority etc.
Pity I can’t show how amazing this G9 is as i am not allowed to post photos.

A couple of negatives
No built in flash
180min to charger the battery from flat to fully charged
exception I wont be using the video side as that is not what i bought it for

Positives too many to mention

Had the Panasonic G9 for a day and even though I have been taking photos for more years than I can remember this Panasonic G9 with the kit 12-60mm lens blows me away. Saying it is like in a different photographic world is how it seems like to me.
Maybe ,and I hate to say it, my beloved Nikon D810 looks as if it will be spending more time in the Pele case than ever, and that is saying something. Such a pity I can’t show the same shot using both and you would also see the difference.
The claims that it is the best ever stills four thirds camera is true, before they started adding videos to cameras.
Now I have no worries about adding stills into videos, as my Panasoniv HC-X1500 camcorder should easily be compatible with the G9.

I would even go as far to say that those using cameraphones don’t have any idea of what the difference is compared to the G9 panasonic camera, they are fooling themselves.

I can here those on here saying all they want is a snapshot.If that is what they are happy with erm !!! I will say no more.

Next would be “Oh it is too complicated for me to use” What a load of rubbish as cameras also have fully autmatic modes where one just presses the shutter button and the camera does the rest. This is the best way to learn, hands down.

As one can guess by now photography is my main hobby since retirement although been taking photos for about 50 years on and off starting with a Brownie 127 which should give some idea.

Normally always trying to be helpful I would make an effort with any questions. But now being restricted as to what I can do on here I am very reluctant to help anyone solve any photographic issues they may have. Passing on experience is far the best way to help those starting with taking photography as a hobby .Even down to camera choice to fit a budget

Sometime in the future that may change ,I don’t know but I hope so

Well I have given the Panasonic G9 a test on some garden flowers and the detail really shows. I think you would be amazed as much as I am. Sorry I can’t post any photos to show how good his camera is.
Also now have a spare battery and a peak design strap instead of the one that came with it. the original strap shouted out camera make and model ready to get stolen, The peak design strap is more discrete and having the quick release locking buttons saves having a camera strap flapping about when using a tripod.
For those who remember I was constantly being told my photos were out of focus by an x member. In actual fact looking back on those times it was not me doing anything wrong the camera and lens just was not good enough. Now with his Panasonic G9 it is obvious what a diffence there is and what he was on about.
there is a time video limit with this camera so videos will be done with the Panasonic Hc-X1500 camcorder.
Aother bonus is I can easily fit both into my Tamrac system 6 camera bag which is an acceptable size for onboard aircraft cabin size.

Why don’t you take up Azz’s offer and post this stuff in the Personal Updates section so you can put up snaps and videos you take?

tried it before and i can’t post pictures there

Ok now I can show what this canera can do with photos

You should have got the GX9 … much smaller and lighter, but same camera, more or less.

And the Panasonic Lumix 12-60mm is arguably as good as the Panasonic Leica version. 320g vs 210g

Anyway, you’re enjoying your new gear, that’s the main thing.


I looked at that and then compared the hand grip on both.That is the reason why. I already have the TZ95 panasonic compact so don’t want two the same size. what amazed me was how sharp the G9 is with the 12-60mm lens .There are other considerations as well such as dual card slots to name but one.
no way could I have got such a photo with the Nikon D810 ,If you remember the discussions I had with a previous member " Kentbirder". He kept telling me about my photos and no matter how I tried I could not get it right and he blamed me. Now it is so obvious it was the camera and lens causing the issues we argued over not me.

just a quick example straight from camea (spot focus) while I sit her with the new camera and lens. Dust and dirt cleaned out now . I chose a computer keyboard as everyone is familiar with it

against a sky background as taken

full frame ========= Four thirds ============== Compact

The GX9 and the TZ95 are very different cameras. The GX9 is an interchangeable lens camera, for one, and look at the different sensor size.

I did know that Dood but may be of interest to others. Think having 5 cameras and a camcorder is enough let alone 6 lenses (5 nikon and 1 pana.) p;us planning on getting another pana, lens when I know what i am being offered in the P/X deal

Wex Offered a decent amount for the lens I submitted to them for P/X which I have accepted. If i had put it on Ebay in might not have sold or\I might haver had to loose a bit but selling it in there

I had a browse of the online camera retail site where I have bought cameras in the past. It looks to me that phones have now killed the mid range camera market as they did the low cost camera market years ago

For any given brand, in the mid range market, where a few years ago there were many models to choose from, there now appear to be one or two. There are few cameras in the $500 to $1000 range.

Above $1200 there is more choice but the prices rise rapidly

This seems to be true in both the video and still camera range.

I find myself using my phone to take photos more often and carrying my compact camera less and less.

As a reference this is their offering for the G9