Paint Pouring

Anyone tried it?

Basically it’s painting for people who can’t paint (like me).
You literally just pour paint on the canvas, tilt it so it pours off, make pretty patterns and call it art. Takes all of 10 minutes.

It is however addictive. Very relaxing and therapeutic.
And terribly wasteful of paint.


This is an example … not one of mine I hasten to add.


It’s very beautiful Morty. My 6 year old granddaughter would love to do this. Her mum not so much :lol:. Although she does have one of those ‘tuff trays’ for messy stuff, so I reckon she could give it a go!

Will you be showing us one of yours?

Oh…my…gosh. I have done this and the effects can be quite pretty.



That’s it! Great aren’t they and so easy.

I hate wasting paint though so when I do the pour I stand a jar or vase on the canvas so it runs down that first.
You then get a matching arty canvas and a matching jar.

Here’s an empty Branston pickle jar I requisitioned.
I really ought to stick a coat of resin on it to make it all glossy but I’m a mean miserly morty.


Love those colours! What kind of paint did you use? I’m asking because I did a jar as well and it came off. I used acrylic though…maybe glass paint would work better?

Hey … I like that.
Was it a straight pour?
I’m still experimenting with all the various techniques … like kissing the canvas , which sounds a little pervy but it isn’t at all.
It’s just dabbing the paint with a balloon.

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Bog standard acrylic from The Works.
It’s a good price from there.
But if there is the tinniest bit of grease or dirt it slithers off … and I did mix 50% acrylic paint with 50% PVA glue as a binder.


Yes, then blown around a bit with a hairdryer not too much though or you end up with mush.

Oh I’ve seen the balloon technique…its VERY cool…never tried it myself so I’d love to see your results if you want to share at some point.

Ahh I didn’t do the glue, that’s it… :frowning:

Mine are best hidden in the back of the wardrobe.

You do have to be careful with the mess though. I requisitioned an old roasting tray … with a small canvas ( about A4 size) resting on an old upended margarine tub.
It can take them a while to dry but I think poster paints dry faster than acrylics. You can use them if your prefer.

Never mind your granddaughter have a go yourself.
I challenge anyone to have a go and say they didn’t enjoy themselves and experience a sneaking feel of chuffed pride when they looked their own art work.

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I did this one too and put it on an app which shows how it would look like if it was an actual painting in someones room. (this is not my room, by the way…they have different layouts)


These are lovely examples - must call into The Works next time I’m out.

Do you sell any of them Pixie?
Is that from Shopify?

It’s a good idea though, and displays your work lovely … you’re a bit of a genius aren’t you.
That’s very relaxing … I’ll call it the Blue Mood

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You won’t regret it … you’ll have great fun.

Oh heavens no…I don’t sell things I make, its just for fun. I don’t have that business mind. Not from shopify no… its a Wall Art App for seeing how things look on a wall. Variety of room settings.

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It looks fun … I’ve had a bash at taking a piccie on my mobile of one of mine that I’m happier with. I’ll see if I can do one like yours.

Fingers crossed. … X

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It’ll be fabulous, honestly you can’t go wrong. :+1:

Wow @PixieKnuckles they really are fabulous! I think I want to have a go at this too, definitely going to call in at The Works next time I’m near one.


Thanks for those tips @Morticia - I’ve got tons of jars (I just hate to throw useful things away, so I’ve got a big canvas shopper full of them!!). And the PVA glue, yep, got some of that, but may need to buy more. It’s cheap enough, so might as well!

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