Own Brand Ready Salted Potato Crisps X 6

I occasionally buy Walkers crisps but they keep going up and up. A packet of crisps is nice with a sandwich now and again.
Quite a few times now, l have found the small bags partially open, as if they are not secured properly in the factory and the crisps inside are soft and stale. I have informed Walkers but it still happens.

Instead, l have been purchasing own brand Salted Potato Crisps x 6 and these vary in quality and taste.
Waitrose, Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s are nice but Marks and Spencer’s and Morrison’s aren’t nice. The M&S ones were the worst.

So, l wondered if you could recommend any own brand or similar crisps?
Do you stick to Walkers and wouldn’t dream of buying own brand crisps?
I only like Salted Crisps, not flavoured. Maybe cheese and onion at a push!
I used to love Oxo and Beef crisps years ago.

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I usually buy 6 packs of Tyrrell’s lightly sea salted from Sainsbury’s. The last lot I bought cost £1.25/pack I think. In all the time I’ve been buying them, I think I’ve only had 1 or 2 packets that haven’t been sealed properly but, even then, the crisps were still crisp and fresh.

If I can’t get Tyrrell’s then I buy Kettle lightly sea salted in 5 packs for the same price.

I like crisps now and again too…Seabrooks are nice and flavoursome (even the seasalt ones) and I buy hula hoops sometimes - they are quite salty… Do you remember the Salt’n’Shake crisps they use to have, with the little blue packet of salt that you could salt your own? I can’t recall who made them, but they were nice. :smiley:

I used to like Hedgehog Crisps:

I rarely eat potato crisps nowadays and would never buy “own brand” but sometimes I buy:

and add my own salt (very little) … :slight_smile:

Smith’s Crisps, Pixie. They’re made by Walkers these days. The last time I ate a packet of Seabrooks crisps was when I last gave blood :lol:

Ahh thank you Percy! Smiths!

Trying to work out the connection between Seabrooks crisp eating, and you giving blood?

  • It has been a very long time
  • I ate the crisps to prevent me passing out after giving blood
  • Crisps make my blood pressure rise

*Delete/Add as appropriate :smiley:

The vampires give you a choice these days between various biscuits or crisps, tea, coffee, drinking choc, various squashes or plain water after you’ve donated your armful :lol:

It’s been 2 yrs since I last donated. I stopped because my GP told me I was borderline anaemic after a routine blood test.

Aww, sorry to hear that! Hope you are getting back to regular iron levels now! My daughter is anaemic and gets prescribed iron tablets from her GP.

Percy, I will have a look at those that you suggest. They are nice crisps but they can be very hard to bite!!

Pixie, I occasionally see Seabrooks crisps. Are they from Poundland?
I don’t like Hoola Hoops!
Yes, l remember the little blue bag of salt that twisted at the neck.
l remember if you didn’t distribute the salt evenly, some crisps would be too salty and some with none on them!

When l was very young, occasionally we would shake some vinegar into the bag too but you had to eat the crisps quickly before they went all soggy!!

I vaguely remember Hedgehog crisps but l have never heard of Fiddler’s crisps? I wonder if they are only available up your way!!

Why wouldn’t you eat own brand crisps? I’d imagine some are manufactured by Walkers or some other big name for the supermarket?

I get mine from Farmfoods, Arty - not sure who else sells them.

Oooh I never thought of doing that - putting vinegar in them. That sounds like an excuse to scoff them all in one go :smiley:

I make my own crisps occasionally in the oven, with a bit of salt added once cooked & crispy.

I usually make my own - but - my favourite shop bought ones are the Co-op own ‘Mature West Country Cheddar and Red Onion Chutney’ - they are really delicious.

Fiddler’s are indeed local … :wink:

Brick Kiln Farm, Brick Kiln Lane, Rufford, Ormskirk, Lancashire L40 1SY

Since 1989, Walkers have been a division of PepsiCo and, as with all “globalised” products, quality has suffered considerably. In fact, IMO, all “popular” brands of crisps are far inferior "to “niche” products … :!:

Yes Pixie, if you put vinegar on, don’t wander off for long and come back to them… unless you like mush!! :lol:

I’ll go along with that.

Yes ST, l made them myself years ago for my children but they had to be eaten quickly before they went soft.

Those Co-Op crisps sound lovely. Shame, l didn’t know two weeks ago when l visited a Co-Op near to where l get the hen food!

I don’t often eat crisps, but Mr B likes the salt & shake ones - Tesco sell Walkers Salt & Shake at £1.50 for a pack of six, or their own brand, ‘Tesco Shake to Salt’, 77p for a pack of six. Guess which ones we buy :wink:

The Tesco ones? Or am l wrong? :slight_smile:

That’s a heck of a price difference! :shock: I’m not guessing which ones you go for though! :smiley: