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Everyone from WestWales is welcome to pop in and say hello to start mingling and making friends

We recommend subscribing to this thread so you do not miss any newcomers, and we also welcome suggestions for meet-ups or other ideas to help form a local community.

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Over 50’s Wales club (last part)

Good evening everybody met my niece for lunch yesterday and she offered to drive home and she stayed overnight. Cold and damp here today ad I was glad to get home for a heat.

Rain at first but sun trying to come through .Not so cold as yesterday
Just caught up with some jobs so that’s my lot

Starting to brighten up after a really wet morning.Driving on the M4 earlier was horrible.Glad to be in for the rest of the day.

Its very quiet in here .
Overcast here but not raining so far .

It pleasant and mild in the North East!
Going to go shopping after lunch
Need ti start preparing for Camp with the school next week
Im in charge of a Quiz evening…
So any interesting questions and facts would be greatly appreciated!
Any general knowledge… Anything… :017:

try here Rhian

General Knowledge quiz questions and answers - Free Pub Quiz


General knowledge quiz questions and answers for your pub quizzes. Several rounds. 100% free.

threatining to rain here,gone dark

Doctor! You’re an absolute superstar!!
Thank you Soooo much x

Evening all. Just finished crying my eyes out over “War Horse” - even stopped me sewing in case I missed something…

Played bowls all day, so fairly shattered this evening, looking forward to a quiet day tomorrow. So much warmer here than earlier in the week, but it’s raining cats and dogs just now.

morning folks,
damp but mild out this morning,
have a great sunday all

Just a short walk this morning-very heavy drizzle.Had a lie-in until 7 this morning!
No plans for today.

You put me to shame Rhosyn, I had a lie in until 8 am!

Me too Sue, sort of. I have been allowed a day not visiting today. I have jobs by the million to get through but at least I can slob out for the day. Damp and uggy here, poured coming back on the M3. People do the silliest things in those conditions, desperate to get back to London.

Good morning everybody was raining here earlier and its now stopped. Met a friend in town yesterday to book a holiday to the Canary Islands never been there before.

Hi Sue , I put War Horse on to record so I could enjoy it today but my recorder played up and I didn’t get it . I have seen it before on DVD and enjoyed . Never mind I’m sure it will be on again
Grey and overcast here but no rain at the moment
Just going to do my Tesco order, what excitement lol

Dydd Santes Dwynwen Hapus. The Welsh St.Valentines day.
Had a dry walk this morning but the forecast is wet for the rest of the day.
No plans today-boring housework to do.

Good morning raining here this morning. Off to the hairdressers then some shopping later.

Murky here too…second lot of washing on…nothing else planned…knee still not up to much dancing though I managed 4 dances on Friday…:slight_smile:

Crumbs, I couldn’t manage one Nimby, you’re getting there!!
Have an MOT booked at Doc’s tomorrow so had to go and get a sample bottle this morning to present her with! Posted some letters and now going to start the cooking.

Jess , I’m sure you will love the Canaries. Which island are you going to ?
Grey start and now the rain has come in
Cleaned like a mad woman this morning so knackered now but must admit I had a lie-in until 9am , it was sooo dark