Over 50's Club Scotland

Morning, Another horrible day here, the snow has turned to rain and is fair coming down.
Went to the pool and called in at Tesco before I went with my latte to the Sea Front to drink it and watch the ocean for a while, far too wet for walking The Hairy One so he’ll have to wait and use the garden. Hope your faring better.

Afternoon. Started off with rain here this morning and it was cold. It finally stopped and I went to Primark for a few things. Caught the bus home and just had a nap, just had another heavy shower, getting fed up with this wet weather.

:sweat_smile:.Good one Rox

Evening, wasn’t to bad here today. Went into town for a few things, then had some lunch before I had my hair done. Also had the painter in to paint my bedroom and the living room.

Evening, Not too bad here from mid morning when the rain stopped, even got some washing out on the ropes.
Went swimming and then drove over to Wick for a big shop at their Tesco. Just faffed about here during the afternoon.
We have the Scottish Surfing Championships on over the W/E, looking forward to that.

Good afternoon. Weather not to bad here again today. Been to the shops and bought some t shirts and a bit of food shopping. Going out for a walk and buy a bottle of wine to watch television tonight. Enjoy the Scottish Surfing Championships.

Evening Not a bad day weather wise, sun was out but was glad of my coat, am enjoying the surfing, great competition feel and everyone playing nice. Will head back tomorrow for a while if it’s nice. :surfing_man:
Not done much else apart from dog walking.

Morning, sun is out here at the moment.Walked down to the town and got some shopping then got the bus home. Got off the bus and the hailstones came down, sat in the shelter till they went off. Have washing to hang out then relax, going out to dinner later with my nieces.

Morning, It’s turned cold again, too cold for being outside IMO. Usually I’d be out in the garden doing the early work by now but I’ve not even cleaned out the greenhouse this year yet. Don’t understand the weather at all. Have walked The Hairy One and froze on the beach even he didn’t go in the water, just going to have a quiet afternoon by the fire.
Roll on tomorrow when things return to normal and I can start my day at the pool again.

Afternoon. Turned really cold here again as well after the sunshine yesterday. I did go out in the garden and raked up some leaves. Been out to the shops with my niece and nephew, I was buying him a new tracksuit he is off to Australia tomorrow to work, he has a job and will stay with his uncle for a few days. Going out again later for a dinner with him and his gran and mum.

Good morning. Off on a last minute holiday to California for ten days with my nieces, back on the 13th of April.

Morning, Slept in so going to leave the pool till later, raining…AGAIN. Sigh.
Enjoy your holiday these last minute ones can be fun. Not sure if I’ll be here when you get back as we are heading to Perth for a while later in the month.

Good evening, just got home, enjoyed my time away meeting up with family friends and cousins. Went to Las Vegas for a few days and played a few slot machines. Just getting over the cold which I caught on the plane. Hope you enjoy your time in Perth.

Morning Jess, Glad to hear you had a grand time on your break. Pity you didn’t bring some warm weather back with you, it’s been horrid here. Not left for Perth yet, I got slammed with another health problem and it’s hit home hard, scared the life out of me if I’m totally honest, even Dunc was shaken. I got the results of my bone scan and they recalled me for blood tests, doc phoned a couple of days ago to tell me I have Brittle Bone Disease and that’s why my leg bone shattered when I fell on that ice last Winter, Have to take one new tablet twice a day and one once a week, seems there can be big problems for some with this weekly tablet. Have to go into surgery to discuss everything.
As you can imagine I’m not a happy bunny at all.

Hi Rox. The weather in California wasn’t the greatest for the first few days. Sorry to hear that you have more health problems to contend with, just hope that the new tablets hep with your brittle bone disease. Does it mean that you have to be really careful, hope it doesn’t interfere with your swimming.

Morning, Sun’s out so I’m away for an early beach walk with The Hairy One in a few minutes, got to phone the doctors at 8am so no pool, have to talk over this brittle bone thing with her and one of the meds I am not for taking, not untill I have questions answered about it.
Catch up with you later and explain.