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That’s Dageus home, very wobbly and Himself had to lift him into the car as there was no way he could get in himself. He’s flat out on the couch at the moment. He’s back to see the vet on Friday afternoon and then again a week later.
So glad and relieved he’s ok and home.

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That’s good news Rox. I hope his recovery goes well.

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Good to hear the Hairy One is back home and comfy. Bet you’ve relaxed a little now but will grow anxious over any results.

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So pleased you have Dageus home again Rox, a good rest tonight will be good for him.

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Morning, Not a bad day here, suns out but that wind is really cold. Been to the shops and now home for the day. No walk for Dageus just the garden for a few days…
He’s a bit brighter this morning and very hungry but not pleased about wearing his cone…Too Bad.
The eye looks ok but a bit leaky because of the drops that’s being put in.
He’s back to see the vet tomorrow for a quick check.

Good morning. Rox glad to hear that The Hairy One is back home with you. I bet you are spoiling him rotten. Sunny here but a cold wind out there today. Just waiting for mt niece to come and pick me shortly.

Good Morning, No pool it’s a sheet of ice outside and I’m not setting foot on it. Sun’s trying to come out so might get swimming around midday. Dageus is a lot more himself this morning, was rooting around in his toy box after breakfast looking for his teddy.
Back to the vet late this afternoon for his first checkup.

Good morning. Rox seems like Dageus is on the road to recovery looking for toys. Hope all goes well for him this afternoon. Niece took me to Ikea yesterday where I picked up a few things. Been raining here so hope it isn’t going to be here all day. Hairdressers then a visit to the shops later.

Just back from the check up at the vet, she’s pleased and says Dageus is healing well. That’s good news. :smiling_face:

That’s good news Rox.

That’s good to hear … on that photo you posted his eye actually looks a helluva lot better than when he had the growth. I bet, despite blurriness from eye drops he can see out of it better.

It must have driven him nuts,
How long does he have to wear the neck cone thingy?

Great news Rox…

Morning All, Very frosty start but the suns melting it all now. Getting to have a bit of heat in the sun again. Been to Tesco and now home for the rest of the day.
Dageus has at least another week of the cone, he wears it at night, if outside or being left on his own. He can have it off if someone is with him to keep a watch for rubbing ect and stop him. Vet says if those stitches come out then he needs to go under again to get them put back in.
He’s back at the vet again next friday for a 2nd check.

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Good afternoon. Was sunny here earlier but its disappeared, waiting for a painter to give me a quote for the living room and my bedroom. Then round to my nieces to watch the Rugby and have a few drinks. I image Daegus will try and get the cone off he could, I image its annoying him.

Afternoon all.

@Rox … ah, I can see it’s best to take no chances then with the cone. Not worth the risk of damaging the stitches.

The weather’s much kinder ere down south across Hadrian’s Wall … but even I got a heavy hail shower. Bit chilly when I went out.

Afternoon, Turned a lot colder again, back to heavy frosts. Sheeezze will it ever end.
We took The Hairy One through the park and up the riverside for a walk today, missing the beach but don’t want sand getting in his eye, after my swim tomorrow morning it will be coffee out the flask by the ocean for a while, starting to get withdrawal symptoms lol.
Just chilling by the fire with my book and tablet this afternoon.

Afternoon Cold and sunny here today. Went over to Braehead and went for an eyetest, no change in my eyesight thank goodness. I have slow growing cataracts, if there is any change I’ve to go back for anther eyetest. Had a lovely time yesterday at my nieces another one called in with her daughter who is six.

Not too bad here … nicely fresh and great for a walk and bit of fresh air.
Mr Morty is laid up with a stinker off a cold so I escaped and left him to recover and recouperate without my nagging. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Morning, No pool for me today, one of the heaviest frosts of the winter, no way was I standing clearing that lot off the car. Walked The Hairy One and catching up around the house, then it’s lunch with the girls.

Good morning. Sunny here with blue skies at the moment. Catching up on chores round here and moving some things round about. Morticia hope you enjoyed your walk yesterday. Rox hope The Hairy One is improving.