Over 50's Club Scotland (Part 1)

Rox it wasn’t much warmer here today, hope you managed to get your shopping done. May I hope it was Morton rolls your neighbour gave, love well fired crispy rolls with plenty of butter. Got a lift over to Braehead from Libby and got the bus home, bit nervous walking from the busstop but I got home in one piece.

Yes Jess got all the main stuff, Roast joint, Roasting Tatties, peas n corn. Trifle stuff, mince pies, Christmas cake, tin of Quality Street, big box shortbread fingers, Dageus’s favourite treats, and a couple of new toys for him (now hidden) Bottle of Malt for Dunc and some cans of lager. Think we’re all set.
I’m putting the heating on at 7pm for a couple of hours just to warm the place up a bit before bed time. I can feel the cold and damp coming down already, and I’m sat at the fire, sheeezze.:slightly_frowning_face::roll_eyes:

Good morning Each,up with the lark this morn’ as I had an early night…colder here too -7,too cold for snow I think,

Aye Jessie the rolls were Mortons ye can tell by the different shapes as they’re hand cut unlike the packaged ones which are all the same & taste like cardboard,yuck!

Not going anywhere for a few days so housework/cooking for freezer on the cards for today,
Keep warm & safe all,x

Good morning another cold one here. Rox I’ll be going to my niece’s for dinner on the big day. May ye cannae whack a Moton’s roll. Hairdressers this morning and then getting the bus into town to meet friends for lunch.

Good morning Each,it just gets colder & colder here and My Ave’ which is on a bit of a hill is like a long ski run…We are being advised not to go out unless it’s necessary in case of falls,so it’s like another lockdown!!..Thank goodness I’m well stocked up…I’ve even delved into the xmas chocolates, eek! :stuck_out_tongue: :crazy_face:

Take care all & keep warm.xx

Good morning everybody. Just as cold here May, I was intending to go to the shops today but have enough to last me for a few days. Got some presents to wrap up so that will keep me occupied for a wee while.

FFFreezing this morning, still not getting to the pool, the roads are bad and the gritters are nowhere in sight. I expect they are over the other side trying to keep the A9 open, it’s been a 24/7 job for them the past week. Been out and fed the Clyde’s and tidied up their stall, fresh bedding ect ect. Just had The Hairy One with me as I don’t want to drive in this freezing weather to go for a walk. Not in the mood at all. Just left Clydie scoffing away quite happy and now it’s coffee time for me.
Got a load of turnips to cut up this afternoon for the sheep.
Have a good day and keep cozy if you can.

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Good Afternoon all. Just back from the Dentists. The pavements in East Kilbride Centre had been gritted so not bad. However the walk from my house to and from the bus stop was scary. Had my new tracks on but did slip once on the hill down to my house. Didn’t go down though. Having a bacon roll and a cup of soup in a cosy house.
Keep warm an safe folks.

Afternoon People,I’m having chicken noodle soup for lunch with garlic bread dookers after I bring the stove in from the SH,will only switch it on at night to see the flickering flames
so that with the xmas tree lights on it feels cozier…I do miss a fireplace in this chimneyless Bung’

Bought a pair of ankle boots last year with really thick treads,didn’t wear them though as they are heavier than My other boots,but was glad of them on Monday as they
coped well with the icy pavements in the Ave’.

Keep losing the internet off & on.also the tv,so if You don’t see Me around,You’ll know why,Bye for now, :grinning:

Good evening. Rox I was watching a farming programme the other night and a guy was showing his Clydes at it. Jean glad you managed to get to the dentist today and survived. May I might get a fire if I have room once everything is in place. Just had the gas engineer here, I had no heating or water a pipe outside froze, thank goodness I had a small raditator that I brought with me, can now feel the heat coming through.

Good Morning Each,still a frozen one here and this Winter wonderland is getting to be a pain in the arse…Just did an online grocery shop to be delivered Tomorrow…Haven’t seen a Soul walking past the window for days,no Kids playing at sliding,and cars not moving…is it the end of the World and nobody’s told Me? :laughing:

Hells bells Jessie,I hope You have water and heating today? :hugs:

Stay safe and warm all.xx

Morning, Just back from a lovely stroll along the beach, no wind at all and wall to wall sun, what a difference from the last week. As it was nice we did the full 2 miles and the same back, had my latte at the beach bench beside the car park and enjoyed the waves. :ocean: Probably be snowing again tomorrow. :roll_eyes:
Afternoon with my audio book and my knitting, have a good day. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good Afternoon all. Echoing May, Jessie, hope your problem is fixed. Not the weather for no heating.
Sounds like a lovely walk, Rox. Going out shortly to hand deliver a couple of cards but just in the next street.
We are supposed to have heavy snow here tomorrow. I am booked in Hamilton to get my hair done. It never fails every time I go for a cut n blow dry it rains from the heavens!
Enjoy your day in this Winter wonderland :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:

Good evening, a lovely sunny day here after the cold of yesterday it even felt a bit warmer. May the heating is on and I feel sorry for people who can’t afford to turn the heating on. Rox I bet the Hairy one enjoyed his walk today. Jean hope you manage to get to the hairdressers and they’re wrong about the snow. Had my nails done and then did some shopping at Braehead, nice and cosy in here tonight.

Fantastic pics rox. Its now cold here but no snow thankfully or its a bit like

Went for a walk the other night around 10pm and only in Scotland I found a gentleman lying in a jaggy bush
bleeding everywhere but quite happy to lie there till god knows when Im sure a sherbit or two were involved
cheers all

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Well here in Scotland you need a proper meal in these cold evenings
ive translated to English


Looks like sausage rolls with beans, and a sprig of mint, a lunch time favourite of mine. :+1:
As for the snowflake pic, that will be every food shop in the country next week, after all they are to shut for Christmas Day. :roll_eyes::rofl:

Good morning. Rox got bread yesterday and its in the freezer. Caveman that looks good maybe have one later. Looks like there is a thaw on here this morning thank goodness. Carpet fitters coming this morning, biscuits and teabags are out on the worktop. Libby will be here shortly and we’ll find out how long they will take. Stay safe everybody.

Good Morning Each,it’s been snowing here during the night,but forecast for sleet & rain later in the day,
You’ll be glad when the carpets are laid Jessie and work is finished in the house,
Stay safe & warm All,xx

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