Over 50s and Biohacking

Further to the posts in this thread - I thought we could do with a thread about biohacking - which is basically about using tools (sometimes natural, sometimes not) to help optimise health and/or defy ageing.

Here are some books that you might find interesting:

Ben Greenfield’s Boundless:

I have started reading it but haven’t had time to finish it (it’s quite long). I really like Ben’s relentless focus on the pursuit of optimal health and self-experimentation - I like to think I am open to trying out new ideas in health but he does way more than I probably would!

He also looks incredible for his age and while I’d normally suspect fillers and botox, I think he’s said he doesn’t do either (or at least he mentions in his book that they are not needed). He also grows all of his own food and hunts his own meat. I have no idea about his political views, but from what I’ve heard or read to date he seems to be a decent guy.

David Sinclair’s Lifespan is probably going to be next on my list:

David Sinclair is very famous in the field, and many people think he doesn’t look anywhere near his age.

What I like about both of these authors is they not only practice a lot of what they preach, but they actually look good - i.e look healthy… and I don’t know about you but I am MUCH more likely to be receptive to some of the ideas and thoughts relating to health from someone that actually looks the picture of health, than to someone who couldn’t look further from it (like most of our govt advisors on ‘health’ :044:)

If any of you read any of these books or are interested in biohacking or health topics like this I’d love to hear what you think. And for anyone feeling despair about the ailments and trials and tribulations of ageing, the science covered in some of these books demonstrates that there is hope, that there is stuff you can do that can make a tangible difference. If that helps just one person then posting this thread will have been worth it :blush:


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I haven’t read the book Azz but there is a good summary (I hope) here

I can say from personal experience that I totally agree about exercise and the Mediterranean diet. my own theories are also linked to cutting carbs and gluten. In terms of protein, I haven’t looked into this but it’s just struck me that there must be good and bad proteins. I do think eating too much meat puts stress on the body (unfounded anecdotal assumption). Much is also reliant on having a health heart (source : basic common sense). I also think overmedication is ageing.

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Thanks for the link Annie I will check it out :smiley: and perhaps we can all read the book together in an OFC bool club one day? :003:

I reckon we might need a thread about gluten too (I’d love to try and get more people to avoid it - it’s a known neurotransmitter blocker and if fed in the formative years can cause lasting damage). Do you want to do the honours Annie? :lol:

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I used to work as a hypnotist & have a great deal of respect for Émile Coué who began the positive thinking movement with his, “every day in every way, I get better & better.”

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I have two books that I have taken the most advice from over the years, more than others I have. I do use the internet very often for the latest of any thing I need to find out. these days more than ever…still like books though.
The Vitamin Bible,1st Publish back in 1979 in the USA by Earl Mindell
will have to get the 2011 new version…keep meaning to!
Eat and Heal. by Dr. Andrei Dracea in collaboration with Jacke Seguin
I will take medication if it is essential for my health but on my terms. I always research any drugs offered and unfortunately in France they are drug osbessed as there attitude is catch it in the bud…of course in the bud is good. drugs not so, from my experiences
I have at times taken huge amount of vitamins and herbs.
Generally I take only a multivitamin and mineral supplement likewise I feed my Husband with that… Magnesium 500 grms and Complete Vit B’s
I take half a teaspoon of pure Bio Carbonate of Soda daily for digestion health.
I try to eat a healthy diet and buy mainly fresh foods and make my own meals always…I avoid additives, but that is difficult these days more and more so in recent years. I use a lot of butter as opposed to veggie spreads and drink a lot of bottled water to hydrate mainly.
I could never be a vegetartian but eat only small amount of meat.
I do have health issues as I was born with Hashimoto’s disease which seems quite common, but affects differerent people with various symptoms. My sister has it and does not have the same issues I have.also one of her daughters has it and then again not any 3 of us have the same issues, mine are mainly temperature controls, are wacky. Mood swings, Muscle pains.Immune responses odd sometimes as I make high anti bodies…Dr. Azz haha…from Dr. Di…

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