Our Weather Here In Devon

Been quite nice today, probably the best so far this year. Blue sky, the odd white cloud, 23 deg., feels like 23, or more, I think summer might be coming.

:sunny: :sunglasses::sunny:

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Summer has come back for now. Warm & sunny all day. :grinning:


Global warming my ass, when has British weather ever been predictable?


Global Warming, they don’t call it that any more. It’s now Climate Change.

Climate Change my ass, when has the British weather ever not been changeable?


Lots of donkeys in the UK then?

if AMOC fails (for whatever reason) warming will be the least of your worries

Absolutely Bruce, the weather is determined by so many things (some outside of our atmosphere) Man being the least of these…

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Thunder Storms on the Horizon.
Border Control & RNLI. can go ‘Furlough’ !! :wink:

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Yup, 0.04% CO2, of which 3% is man made.

Today the news is saying Labour will increase taxes on flight and possibly tax pet farts.

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Also…The UK contributes less than 1% of that…Keep the country cold and hungry while trying to chase a pipe dream. Without CO2 nothing would grow, and because CO2 is heavier than air, how in God’s name does it rise into the atmosphere producing the green house effect. Somebody’s laughing all the way to the bank.

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Oh come on! Oxygen (20%) is heavier than nitrogen (80%) so why doesn’t oxygen sit near the ground and everything burst into uncontrollable combustion or all babies suffer brain damage when they are born? That’s a non argument.

Density also depends on temperature so hot gasses rise - what is the temperature of CO2 from your car exhaust?

The atmosphere mixes and churns, pressure and temperature changes cause it to move up and down.

Have stayed in Walberswick a few times now. There is a walk through the woody bits above the marsh down to Dunwich. Fish and chips at the coast side restaurant followed by a short meander to a ruined abbey and graveyard above the crumbling cliffs. Some tea refreshment and then we walk back along the pebbly beach to Walberswick. We are also fond of Norfolk and the wide beach at Holcombe. Visited RSPB Titchwell recently in early spring. Many Avocets, Red Kite and Spoonbills in evidence.


Oxygen does sit near the ground, otherwise breathing apparatus would not be needed when climbing high mountains. And Oxygen doesn’t burn, however every combustible fuel needs oxygen in order to burn…Try putting Oxygen into the cylinders of your vehicle and see how far you get… :009:
The CO2 from your exhaust might be hot when it exits your exhaust, but it doesn’t stay hot for long and will return to earth. Otherwise hot air balloons would stay in the atmosphere forever… :009:

Wrong on every count I am afraid.

At high altitudes the proportion of oxygen in the air is exactly the same as at ground level it is just that there is far less air because it is at a lower pressure (Boyle’s Law).

I didn’t say oxygen burns but in pure oxygen just about every carbon based object burns fiercely (believe it or not oxygen is a great oxidiser) and according to your theory there would be pure oxygen at ground level, we would live in a world of constant bush fires.

As for your last sentence I merely need to repeat my last sentence

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Around 21% of Oxygen at ground level, any fireman will tell you that…I’ll concede the 21% at altitude, that is down to air pressure.

It would if there was no such thing as gravity…If it’s heavier than air it will eventually come down otherwise the debris from volcanoes would eventually block out the sun… :009:
The atmosphere is self cleaning.

Actually no! I don’t concede that…Because the air is thinner (less dense & lower pressure) than at sea level, for every square metre of space there would be less oxygen at altitude. The composition might be the same but over a larger area…So less oxygen…

You don’t think that the density of volcanic ash at 700 to 3200Kg per cubic metre compared to 1.98kg per cubic metre for CO2 might have something to do with why volcanic ash falls out of the atmosphere?

Why isn’t it 100% Oxygen at ground level? It is heavier than CO2 and Nitrogen so according to your theory it should fall to the bottom of the atmosphere where we are. There is a big flaw in your theory somewhere.

I think we are deviating to far from the topic and splitting hairs. My original point was concerning the effect of CO2 on the weather.

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Since I wrote that we have had warm & sunny weather every day. Soon TPTB will be shouting drought. :grinning:
OGF’s & Bruce’s discussion is way above my head, but it has made a long thread for me & even though I know nothing I thank you both for boosting my thread. :grinning:


Thanks Tiff, Bruce and me do tend to get carried away sometimes. Trouble is…He’s usually right… :flushed:

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You are both very welcome, OGF. :grinning:

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