Our House ITV . . 9 pm

Anyone watching this new drama which began last night?
Its on every night for 4 nights, ending Thursday.
Looks pretty good so far.

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Yes we are. Pretty sure I read the book too.

Yes I’ve just watched episode 1 and recording 2 . Seems good a little confusing as they always are .

Dramas have been very good lately

Yes it is a bit confusing Susan, but I like it much better than I did that Chloe drama recently, i gave up on that one early on.

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I’m watching it Mups…what an ending last night !!

I am recording all four as not able to watch in real time tonight so going to wait till the weekend.

Looking forward to tonight’s episode.

I think I’ll get this on catch up. Is there a woman with an annoying voice? I read some viewers are complaining about some woman’s voice

Yes, we are. Watched episode 1 last night, ep 2 tonight, etc. What’s confusing us is the constant use of flashbacks.

Watched 2 today isn’t it good. Even got my friends watching it .

I am confused as to how the scheming young woman even found Bram in the pub in the first place.

So are we. And now her boyfriend (Adam from Spooks) has turned up too making demands.

Ah well, tonight should finally reveal all. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know if l liked the last episode. It all seemed so complicated and not the ending l hoped for. What about the children?

There’s one question l’d like to ask… Was the pink blossom tree in the front garden… real?

I didnt understand the last episode I’ve no idea what happened

Well let’s say, there were no winners!

The amount of drugs she seemed to have put in his wine must have tasted weird but he supped it back like a good un!

He had already attacked her in his car and she was terrified. Why on earth would she set up a meeting in the flat, alone with such a dangerous man?
Then to have killed him but thought she’d be able to live a normal life after!

Too many questions, too many ludicrous scenes. It’s a shame because l thought it was good until the last episode.

… . to bump him off?

Mmmm I expected a strange ending, they always are . I guess the answer is not to think too much .

I enjoyed it though

Yes but at what risk? It could have gone the other way and he had killed her!
Instead, she would probably be jailed and her young children would be without a parent for a good while.
I couldn’t live happily ever after, knowing l’d murdered someone, could you?

Yes l know it’s only fiction!! :smiley:

I don’t know, because it isn’t likely to happen is it.
Mind you, there have been one or two I could cheerfully strangle. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: