Online Deliveries, Supermarkets


I cannot get my head round these.

I am not the most organised and often forget things.

I much prefer to go shopping at times when there are very few in the shop, very early mornings or just before closing and when it is raining.

This is also when you get the bargains.

Cabbages for 8p, lettuce for 5p, free range pork sausage reduced to less than 10p each.

Free range chicken reduced to £1,50.

You can take the man out of Yorkshire, but you cannot take Yorkshire out of the man.:mrgreen:

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I go to Tesco evenings once a week also, usually around 8.30 p.m. Son takes me. It’s quiet & no kids & the shelves are stocked. No way would I queue to go in & I don’t order on line as I like to look at what I’m buying.
We did order on line when late OH was too ill to drive, he liked to do that & it gave him something to do, but often they would substitute if they hadn’t got what we ordered & it used to drive me nuts.

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I have just started having deliveries, and I love it.
The men who bring it are so helpful and nice, it’s like having a fairy godfather.

Never in my life, has anyone got my shopping for me, and I feel quite spoilt. I could get used to this. :slight_smile:

No more queuing or faffing about with masks and gloves and disinfectants, or looking for silly foot prints on the floor to stand on correctly. I love it.

I like to look at what I’m buying, and admit to going to the reduced items.

I just love SM shopping.

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Totally agree!

I enjoy nothing more than reducing the items so that customers get a bargain. I sometimes manage to buy some myself although they are usually all gone by the time I leave work. It is a great way of saving money but you do have to have what’s on offer. you don’t really get to choose.

We order online and pick the order up outside of the store. Just drive in to a numbered spot, call the store number and give your name and what numbered spot you’re parked in. Pop your trunk and they bring your order out and place it in the trunk. They stand away from the car and tell you what is missing and/or any substitutes that you approved when ordering. Close your trunk and you’re on your way.

The charge is $2.95 and your order has to reach or exceed $30.00 In our case, the store is only 3 miles away on the outskirts of the city.

At almost 87, I may keep this up even when the COVID pandemic is gone. Saves the legs from walking up and down the aisles which has become painful.

I never thought I would let someone else pick my shopping but Waitrose deliveries have been fantastic.

They send an email before delivery and if they have to substitute anything (which is rare ) it is listed and you can refuse it when the deliver arrives. Substitutions are always of equal or higher value .

The freebies are good, if any item is near its sell by date you get it free.
The drivers are always helpful and friendly and the minimum spend has just been reduced to £40.
I book 3 weeks in advance and load a previous weeks shopping to save time when I pick a slot . The day before an order is due I choose the things I need and delete others.
It all works really well.

I would be worried that if l had my food delivered that they wouldn’t be as selective as l am when l select fresh produce.

Art :slight_smile: I have always said the same thing but have been pleasantly surprised and having someone pick my shopping is preferable to mixing with people in a shop.

I detest supermarkets and BC (before Covid) only ever used them for cleaning stuff and tinned or dried food. However - I have been pleasantly by Sainsbury’s. They turn up on time, they give the option of ‘loose’ fruit and veg which has, so far, been excellent. The delivery men are cheerful and help by putting the shopping as near to my door as they can without breaching regulations, and they always bring anything chilled/frozen first.

When it comes to meat/poultry I am fortunate enough to have a really good family butcher nearby. All he stocks is local produced - and he delivers free to the over 70s or those in the ‘at risk’ category.

I can understand how the service of online deliveries would be very helpful to those who have mobility problems or are afraid to go out and into the store. But I love shopping in our local Tesco, I always have a chat with the staff and it’s surprising how many friends and neighbours I bump into while perusing the isle’s.

I even walk the mile and a half to the store if I don’t have any heavy items to buy (Spuds and Milk) and I will continue to do so as long as I am able. Use it or lose it is my motto…:cool:

I would never shop in Sainsbury’s though, not since they decided to expand from the retail industry and delve into ‘Black History Month’ and setting aside special rooms for all of their black colleagues which is tantamount to segregation. Their response to their unusual move was; “If you don’t like their ethics, you can shop somewhere else”…Provided they also have a ‘Polish History Month’ followed by a ‘Chinese History Month’ and a ‘British history Month’ I will take their advice and take my custom elsewhere. If that’s not ‘Racist’ I don’t know what is!

Good grief Foxy, I didn’t know anything about this?

Exactly. This is apartheid in all but name.

It’s all over twitter Mups…:wink: A bloody disgrace…:frowning: Old man Sainsbury must be turning in his grave…

Yep, just not on Judd…:009:

Oh, I don’t do twitter, so wouldn’t know.

As I have said before, I don’t think BLM want equality, they want to rule instead and make us pay for the past.
Anyway, this is off topic - sorry.

I often go to Tesco at 7pm and I get 45p french sticks for 11p. I grab a few and put them in the freezer, when they come out the freezer they are fresh again…voila!

I used to think it was scruffy to do that then thought sod it, why not. Trouble is I have to fight with the asian people to get them and if they get in my way I just bonk them over the head with a large frenchie…not really lol, well bonking them over the had I don’t anyway.

You can get cakes and buns to for 10p, I give them to my great aunts children they don’t mind.

Shame on me? Nar, I don’t think so.

Yes, I’m sorry for going off topic too Mups…:blush: It deserves a thread of it’s own…

I agree, but not with the Twitter bit, that is just lazy.