Nutrition keys

As a man who has lost substantial fat I’m frequenting asked how I did it. Let me share a few things here. I hope this is the correct forum.

  • Portionx not helpings! Measure foods to count calories. Works best if you do a food prep day each week instead of daily.

  • Don’t buy foods at the grocery that you know you shouldn’t eat. Simple. If you have a weakness for ice cream you’ll be much less likely to eat it if it involves a trip

  • Watch the calories in what you drink! I lost a ton by only drinking water or black coffee for over a year. No it wasn’t delicious but ones palate adjusts

  • even if it’s only a little - walk, and do it after meals

  • monitor progress. Tracking progress will provide feedback and give encouragement when you have a success.


Pay close attention to the first term of that equation - Time.
We all want results in this department faster than the human body is able to deliver them.
Track results on a calendar with marked goal dates.

That’s all I have presently. There’s a bunch of small hacks I can share if ya ask