Nottingham Helicopter ride

Today we had a trip over Nottingham in a Robinson 44 helicopter, which was a freebie from Virgin for changing banks. It was booked several months ago but with all the storms of late we really didn’t think it would be going ahead, but in the event what luck to pick the best day we have seen for weeks, clear blue sky and limitless visibility, we really were blessed.
We departed from Nottingham heliport which, incidentally, is also the base for the Nottinghamshire air ambulance but which, thankfully, we didn’t need to use… :grinning:
Here is the sequence of events…

Just arrived at Notts heliport… it looks breezy but was just the downwash from the air ambulance landing…

Checking in and getting our boarding cards…

Outside the reception building waiting for our aircraft to land…

Our very pretty co-pilot Rosemary…

Wollaton Hall…

Over Nottingham centre…

Afterwards we called in at The Unicorn Hotel by the River Trent for lunch. We both had the scampi but it was less than impressive, although the “melt in the middle” chocolate pud was to die for…

And after… unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to lick my plate but I gave it my best shot with the spoon… :rofl:

So, all in all a smashing day out and a great experience for the price of a pub lunch, so what’s not to like… :blush:


Wow what an experience Barry. You definitely lucked out with the weather :+1::grinning:

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Nice one Barry, always wanted to take my first ever flight in a helicopter

Btw, I’d have licked the plate, to hell with decorum…


Lucky you. I have had a couple of short flights in a helicopter, but never really been to any real altitude. Just a quick hop from A to B.

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Fantastic! Once in a lifetime! What a view! You two look great, and it was most kind of you to give your wife that bird’s eye seat.

Thanks for taking us along and thrilled you had such a good time. :helicopter: :038:

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Great photos Barry, glad you enjoyed it all.

I might have licked the plate too!

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Wow! Barry. Not for me :grinning:, but I can see it would be the ride of a lifetime for some.

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Thanks everyone, it really was a smashing day out. I have flown in helicopters before but it it many years since, so was great to be back in one. If only he’d let me drive… :rofl:

You couldn’t have wished for better weather Barry, what great views you had up there too!

Rosemary looked the perfect co-pilot … who was Humphrey, hanging down? :smiley:

Glad you had a good day!

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What great photos, Barry, and what a wonderful experience. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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Thanks @Mags , but as for Humphrey I hadn’t even noticed that until I saw the photograph, but I think it was something to do with the intercom system but I don’t know for sure… :thinking:

Good pictures of a lovely day to remember, Barry.
Glad you both enjoyed it and landed safely.
You are braver than me. :smiley:

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A great experience Barry glad you had a good day :slight_smile:

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Smashing day out. How long was the trip?

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Great pics! The aerial shots are so clear.
It looks like a grand day out. So glad you had good weather - it just shows that the sun shines on the righteous! :sunglasses: :grinning:

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Looks like you both had a fabulous time! Amazing views too!

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Looks like a brilliant day out. Thanks for sharing…

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What a fantastic experience, and you were so lucky with the weather! I would love to have a helicopter ride, it must feel so exhilarating.

Great photos Barry - you just need someone to choose ‘taken from above’ as the subject of one of your monthly photo comps now :wink:

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Wow thanks for sharing your day, you wife looks thrilled, great photographs for the memory book.


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They forgot to give you parachutes.

Reminds me of that old joke
A helicopters engines failed but luckily the pilot had his paracute on and he jumped out.
On the way down he saw a guy on the way up so he yelled " Do you know how to open a parachute?"
The Guy on the way up yelled back " No sorry,but do you know how to mend boilers?"