Not all tinned tomatoes are equal

Chatting today with people about tinned tomatoes and will they go up in price

And I never realised that not all tinned tomatoes aren’t the same proportion of tomatoes to juice?

Aldis @32p for example, are 60% tomato, while Mutti, @£1.49 a can are 98% tomato to juice

Even so, that means you could still get more tomato cheaper with two cans of Aldis if you drain off the juice and use for soup, stock and drinks

But that doesn’t take into account taste and texture, though



Mutti is one of my favourite brands of canned tomato … :+1:

I stock up on cherry tomatoes when they’re on offer (usually £1.20 down from £1.85):


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I do think Mutti are good, I like their pizza topping too

If you like the chopped ones they’re down to £1 a tin in Sainsburys and Morrisons this week :+1:

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Dear i say ive not heard of Mutti, I have Don Morio , they dont, give me acid reflux like the Tarantella Tomatos , which would really come back on me some hours later

Just get creative…use the cheaper tins for everyday use, chuck in some sundried tomatoes, purée of choice , fresh basil if possible.
I often add a few whole peppercorns to boot.

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I use cheaper canned tomatoes for highly spiced dishes, like curries, but I prefer the taste of Mutti for Mediterranean cuisine.

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Agreed… if you’re cooking at leisure then be more considered.
I’ve usually got some basic home made pasta sauce in the freezer.
It’s just a case of seasoning and fine tuning while it’s gently reheating.

I’d just use de-skinned and de-seeded tomatoes - tinned toms usually have synthetic citric acid added (derived from yeast) so it can lead to candida overgrowth…

I don’t think fresh tomatoes add the depth of flavour that tinned tomatoes, purée and passata do and it would be very expensive

Most of them do have citric acid, but Mutti don’t, although strangely they are the only ones to have added salt

I don’t have a problem with the citric acid,

( although it’s extracted from a type of mould, rather than the more benign sounding yeast, I believe!)

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I will only entertain one brand of tomato products and that is Cirio

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Yes, they are good too. 65% tomato in their cans and they’ve got Azz’s dreaded citric acid!

The can’s contents have to have their acidity controlled and citric acid is usually the regulator. Natural CA is far better than the synthetic alternatives :+1::clap:

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I’m not really worried about it myself, in fact it can have health benefits

But how would you know if what’s in your tin of tomatoes is natural or synthetic?

It should be stated on the label if any of the contents are synthetic.

These are my favourite Sainsburys taste the difference £1.10
Gorgeous on toast , yum making my mouth water.

If it’s listed in ingredients it’s almost certainly synthetic - if they were using natural, they’d probably just list ‘lemon juice’ (which some items do, such as some organic olives).

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Also, I’m wondering if the citric acid they extract from mould counts as “natural” anyway. It’s not synthesised from chemicals and mould is natural, isn’t it :rofl:

It’s a bit like Quorn, which I’ve never fancied either

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I prefer fresh tomatoes :tomato:.
For Italian dishes I use those sauces in the glass jars.

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Generally you’ll want to avoid moulds/yeasts, unless you know it’s a probiotic (eg yoghurt, kefir, raw cheese, kombucha, etc) :smiley:

But on the topic of tomatoes… I generally don’t eat many anyway - they are part of the nightshade family and the skins and seeds are very difficult for our bodies to digest/process as well :upside_down_face:

I eat Cherry Tomatoes like sweets , Ive been getting through a couple of bags a week .

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