Northern lights visible tonight

The northern lights visible tonight photo taken looking out over Inchiquin lake near corofin in coubty clare ireland


Awesome Feey…

Wow! Amazing! Thanks, Feey :hugs:

Your so lucky

It was on telly this morning. Apparently they were seen in Whitby…

One of the things on my “photographic bucket list” is to get a good capture of the aurora borealis, which was apparently visible here on the south coast - and it was my luck to be blissfully unaware of it.

Last year “Mrs Graham” paid for me to go on a cruise to northern Norway, just for me to get my picture of the Northern Lights. Unfortunately, it rained the whole time and never once saw the sky, let alone any lights the whole time. Just my luck!

I see them quite a lot way up here but last night Thurso got a display of 2 for 1 :slightly_smiling_face: The Fireworks plus The Aurora. :smiley: Sorry now I wasn’t able to go but she did take a few pics with her phone and sent them to me.


Beautiful Roxy :hugs:

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Just been alerted to an app on FB, Aurorawatch UK. Nothing happening tonight, unfortunately. Some fabulous photos of the lights from yesterday,

I never realised they make a sound you can hear in the right circumstances and some people find it scary :scream: