Non slip mats for bath

I’ve lost count of the number of non-slip rubber bath mats I’ve thrown away because they’ve gone mouldy. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do - hang them over the bath to dry, machine wash them, lay them on a towel to dry after showering etc. I’ve tried all of these, but they always end up going black with mould.

We do need something in the bath because it is slippery without, and I don’t want to risk broken ribs again, as happened once before. So, has anyone got any suggestions? Anything other than these rubberised bathmats? Or how to keep them from going mouldy?

I think there is a tape you can get that you can stick onto the bath that won’t come off.

Ask in B&Q or a DIY store, they should have it in stock and know what it is. There is a company that does it here

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@Bathsheba - I have had the blue version of this one for 18months - no problem with mildew at all.

One of my friends swears by this one -


It never slips … :+1:

Thanks Bread, I had a look at the link and those tapes do look good. I wonder how long they last? I shall definitely look into these!

That’s good to know you’ve had no mildew problem with these Tabby. I’ve seen them, but wasn’t sure how good they were. Nice to get a recommendation, thanks!

I’m not so sure about the hydro wonder mat you mentioned, though - one of the reviews said that they wouldn’t recommend it for over bath shower (which is what we have) because it doesn’t grip well.

Sadly Omah, I’ve tried that one already, and it did ultimately get very mouldy - yes, it can be machine washed, but that will never get all the mould off. Thanks, though.

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My current mat is several years old and has never gone mouldy. It may be due to the “softness” of the water, much of which comes from the Lake District … :man_shrugging:

That’s interesting, because we’re in Devon, a soft water area too! I have to wonder whether it’s to do with our house being old - we’ve always been up against damp problems here :icon_frown:

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My house was built in 1896 and used to have damp problems but I think I resolved those.

Maybe the mould is caused by what you put in your bath.

I’ve stopped mould creation in my washing machine by abandoning fabric softeners - I use white vinegar now.

Five years before ours was built! I also stopped using fabric softeners and use white vinegar instead, but it hadn’t occurred to me that the hair conditioner I use could be causing the same problems up in the bath. That could be the answer!


Thanks Queenie, but that article is about the other sort of bathmats, the kind you put on the floor, that you step on as you leave the bath/shower. I’m talking about the ones you put in the bath itself to prevent slipping over.

I do wish these things didn’t have the same name, it gets so confusing! We say ‘bathmat’ but do we mean an ‘in bath’ mat or a bathroom floor mat?

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Ooops sorry

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I actually use a hand towel Bathsheba,then drop it in the washing machine with the bath towel.

I don’t use the non slip bath :bathtub: mats.

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What? You put a hand towel in the bath to stand on while you shower?

I’ll never stand up in a bath again without some sort of non slip matting, not after slipping some years ago in a hotel bath and cracking a couple of ribs. Oh the pain!

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Perhaps I should consider it!

Thanks Bathsheba. I hope you’re doing better

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Yes Bathsheba,it is a guest hand towel and works fine.

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My bath mats don’t so much go mouldy, but a horrible pink colour. I wash and scrub but then I throw them away too.

Currently without one and my bath remains nice and clean.

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My bath would remain nice and clean without one - chiefly because I’d be scared to death to use it without one :rofl:

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