No Snapshot Comp for August

I was trying to be funny because you said age appropriate :joy: Yes, it’s the 1st August tomorrow, what better time to start…I think RS should get his thinking cap on :billed_cap:

I’m late to this thread, but I would hate to see the snapshot competition replaced by a video comp. That for me would be the end of the comp, as I have zero interest in making videos. I had a camcorder for my 40th birthday (such a great big thing it was, compared to what’s available now!), and I used it a lot, but soon got fed up with seeing life through a lens instead of being able to view it properly. Now I’d much rather have a decent camera round my neck, ready to take photos as and when, rather than walking around holding a flipping camcorder in front of my face all the time!

If you think it would work @realspeed, then start a separate competition, as @PixieKnuckles and others have said. Don’t just expect Barry to switch to your suggestion and end the long standing tradition of the snapshot competition, which has lots of followers. Honestly, if he did this, I’m pretty sure there’d be a lot of people up in arms about it!


Think you meant 5 HOURS, Carol? :thinking:

. . . . which is exactly how I feel too, Sheba. :+1:
I think loads of the usual contributors would also drop out.

As has been said, if RS wants to try it out, that’s fine, but not at the expense of our snapshot one.

I never said replace snapshot competition you are reading into things that are not mentioned .suggest Sheba you do not assume and actually read what I put. Maybe a sorry would not go amiss

Are you making a video competition thread, RS? Just for August?

Errr? . . . .
No apology needed.

Anyway, I’m done with this thread. It’s getting too unpleasant.

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……. but you did say that RS :thinking:

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Could we draw a line under this conversation please, I think the point has been made!

Thank you all…


And I suggest that you actually read what you put Realspeed :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. No apology from me for responding to your actual comment.

Yes Barry, I agree, but since the above comment was addressed to me personally, I felt I deserved the right of reply.

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And so you have Sheba, so you have… Now can we call it a day? :thinking:

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Please rest assured folks that the Snapshot comp will continue in it’s present form in September, and may I say that I am rather quite flattered that it’s so popular, so thanks for the vote of confidence… :+1:


What I would like to say would get me banned straight away, so suffice to just say is I don’t run with the crowd nor am I a yes man or even set in my ways.Trying to introduce a new /different idea just is not worth the effort.

Good man!
Do you have a topic in mind that we cant start in September?

The topic has already been chosen by Boot, who won the July competition.

The theme will be announced when the September comp starts so you’llhave to be patient… :blush:

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With you here Mups, I certainly wouldn’t, have never taken a video & wouldn’t have any idea how to post one even if I had.

That is a shame, if we knew we could go out & get pics to fit it. :disappointed:

Re videos…why does it have to be a competition?
Why not just post your video simply for fun/amusement/entertainment on a Post Your Video Here thread?

[quote=“ruthio, post:54, topic:92757, full:true”]
Re videos…why does it have to be a competition?
Why not just post your video simply for fun/amusement/entertainment on a Post Your Video Here thread?[/quote]
I suppose you could. But the snapshot is film rather than videos.