No Joke: Former President Trump Is Selling $99 NFTs of Himself

After announcing his candidacy for President, Trump went silent until he made this announcement. He sold NFTs of himself which sold out in 12 hours bringing him roughly $4.5M. The NFTs are now selling for 6 times the original price.

The article notes that the website says that proceeds will not be used for any political campaigns.

Maybe he’ll use the money for his defense funds for the charges he’s facing?

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NFTs are for mugs:



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Jeez, how vain would you have to be to do that?

And I see he’s been accused of copyright infringement and using other peoples images in them, apparently you can still see the Shutterstock logo on one!


We’re talking about Trump. His vanity knows no bounds.

lol classic Trump.

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None of Trump’s scams, deceits or brazen lies have the power to surprise me anymore.
He seems to have always been a nasty piece of work - a hustler, a grifter and a scammer all his life.
The only thing that surprises me is that he ever managed to get through the primaries the first time round and get voted in as a President of USA.
It beggars belief.


I think that’s the danger, isn’t it? When people become numb to the shock value of people like Trump, they stop paying attention, not realizing that some people are taking them seriously.

I remember before the 2016 election, there was a debate that was broadcast between people who thought the Mexican wall was a joke and those that didn’t.

People who thought Trump was just doing shock value sort of shrugged off the danger of what would happen if he was serious.

Trump was serious.


Not something I would ever consider spending my coin on. Not on the likes of Trump. But then I’m over here, but we do have our own clown. Trumps pet apprentice, Johnson. And I wouldn’t spend a brass farthing on him, either.

Got no idea what an NFT is. however if Trump is involved it is bound to bounce

WTF is an NFT?