Nick Drake - a posthumous appreciation

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The Nick Drake thing is a bit strange for me, he keeps cropping up in unusual contexts, like on here

I would never have heard of him if I hadn’t read the Phil Rickman novels where he’s mentioned a lot one of the fictional characters, Lol Robinson is a musician very influenced by him

They even made a Lol Robinson album!

And then in another forum, Nick Drake came up and I made a friend who had only heard of him via Phil Rickman too

I’ve tried, I’ve really tried to like Nick Drakes music but in truth it’s a bit too gentle and soppy for me

Soppy! Beautiful voice, beautiful guitar, original tunes. Maybe I’m not paying enough attention to the lyrics.


I’ve tried, honestly! It just doesn’t do it for me, it’s not edgy enough and all his stuff sounds the same……

But it is true I have absolutely no taste in music and the finer things :rofl:

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You’ll have to keep playing your Spice Girls records then. :grinning:

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Harry Gerrywell woz OK

Bryter Layter is my favourite of his but he thought it was over produced and made his last one on his own.

An album that I was unfamiliar with until recently:

Album • Nick Drake • 2007

28 songs • 1 hour, 6 minutes

Family Tree is a 2007 compilation album of home and demo recordings by English singer/songwriter Nick Drake. The album is notable for the appearance of Nick’s sister Gabrielle on one track and the contribution of two original songs performed by Nick’s mother, Molly Drake. Recorded before the release of his first album, Five Leaves Left, most of the tracks on the album circulated on bootlegs in the years before the official release from the Drake family. The album reached #35 on Billboard’s Top Independent Albums chart, making it Drake’s first album to chart in America. The recordings are all from the 1960s, consisting of home recordings by Nick and his father Rodney in Tanworth-in-Arden, England; demos recorded by Nick in Aix en Provence, France; and 1968 demos recorded at Cambridge University by Nick’s later frequent collaborator Robert Kirby.


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His sister Gabrielle was in Crossroads as motel manager.
His music was beautiful and so underrated.


Indeed she was: