Hi everyone

I’m Pam. Recently lonesomed, so looking for new people to chat with with and keep me entertained. :smiley:

Look forward to getting acquainted.

Pamela :slight_smile:

Hi Pamela :039:
And Welcome x

Hi Rhian

Hello, and thank you

Hi Pam,

Always happy to welcome a new Yorkie to the fold. :smiley:

Thanks Judd. You know, you look a lot like George Clooney

Hi Pam :slight_smile: a very warm welcome to Over50sForum!

I hope you enjoy your time here with us…

Thank you Mags. I’ll see how it goes

Welcome Pam.
The more Yorkies on here, the better.
Raising the standards and all that!

Hello Pamela :slight_smile: welcome…

Hiya Pam. Welcome to OFF. There’s usually plenty happening on here to keep you entertained and interested.

Do you think so? Can’t say I’ve noticed.

Now you mention it, Pam. I can see the likeness.

George who?

Hi Pamela. Welcome from the gang here.
And I’m NOT one of the Yorkies…:slight_smile:

Nobody’s perfect. :wink:

Hi and welcome Pam from God’s other own country. :slight_smile:

Funny how many people of inferior countries like to try to compare themselves to the real God’s County! :lol:

Haw!..Dream on. You should be so lucky.:043:

Hi Pamela! :slight_smile: Welcome from NI (but I am a quarter Yorkshire :wink: )

Also apologies to all the other newbies I haven’t welcomed lately…mea culpa :frowning:
Although I still feel I am also a newbie on here.

Hi Pamela

Welcome to OFF from me the Lion Queen

Sorry for the diversion Pam. As you see there is no shortage of banter

btw JBR, regarding the relative “superiority” of certain countries, below is some info for you.