new to this forum

hi I’m new to this forum. Just trying to find my way around. I am a dog lover from Dogsy and live in wisbech cambs:-p

Hi Chris, nice to meet you - hope you enjoy the forum :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome Chris :smiley:

Hi and welcome

Welcome Chris57, hope to see you around…

Hi Chris & welcome to this friendly forum.

Welcome from me too Chris, hope you enjoy the various threads in the forum, nice friendly site too.

Hi and welcome, Chris, from a Catsey cat lover. Hope you like it here, this is a nice friendly forum.

Hello Chris :slight_smile: welcome…

Hi to any I missed and Chris also.

Morning chris and welcome from another "doggy " person…got 5 of them:-)

hello everybody. I’m looking forward to joining in. I wont let my hubby on here as he would only look on the grumpy section, and when he gets started there is no shutting him up. Chris

Hello Chris and welcome.
Your area (Wisbech) seems a familiar name, I think we played there in the very old Essex & Suffolk Border football league.

Now that is an awful long time ago.:lol:

Hope to see you posting .

Hi & welcome Chris from a cat person who likes dogs too. :smiley:


Hi George, Wisbech is on the Cambs/Norfolk border. I married an Essex boy, are you as grumpy as him now you are older:lol:

thanks for the welcome. I have a son who lives in tweedmouth. I also like cats but with 4 dogs it would be too risky:-D

Ive got 5 dogs and 3 cats and one of them is a nutty “Ragdoll”:slight_smile: Tweedmouth I know it well:-)

He was in the RAF up that way and met someone. They now have 3 kids, but we live in Cambridgeshire 300 miles away so don’t see him that often:cry:

Hi Chris,
I have been wracking my brain to remember when we played up there but it will not come.
I don’t think they were in our league but probably were the Eastern Counties lot. It must have been a cup comp or something.

I suppose strictly speaking I was an Essex boy but I don’t think we ever saw ourselves as that anymore than later being part of Newham.

A long time ago we were moved out to rural essex , I hated it and went back home.

I will admit to being grumpy though, more so now than back then. Mind you we had a decent team way back,:lol:

Shallow as well you see.:cry:

Is there a Essex thing going on:-) my husband was brought up in Essex, South Woodford (now part of London) he too can be on the grumpy side, he went to Parmiters School which i think isnt too far from Newham:-)