New King, New Year - His Christmas Message

These are strange times, whilst laid up on the sofa, I’ve been watching a fair bit of the “Yesterday” channel, on which, most ad breaks are occupied by very valid requests for charitable donations to worthy causes, but, I just grind to a halt in dilemma. I spent the time trying to workout how much it would cost a month to give the minimum ask to each of them and i bet some folks do.

You sound as though homeless people are a separate entity? There are lots of people who have a roof over their heads, who also don’t pay tax :wink:

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not half as embarrassing as Boris’s hi-viz fetish.

I don’t believe it has to down to housing the homeless in palatial residences.
However The Duchy of Cornwall has vast stretches of land, a small part of which could be offered up for housing as indeed was the private estate now known as Poundbury a successful build on Duchy of Cornwall land .

The Crown estate is not the kings to give away .Pound bury has very expensive houses for sale but also does have some social housing run by the Guinness trust . I don’t know that King Charles actually has paid for them to be built i very much doubt it .

In fact most homeless people do have a roof over their heads . People who actually live on the street are special cases and many have drug or mental issues .

Except that they don’t want £5 as in just give £5
They want you to sign up to £5 a month .
Which is ok but you can’t give to everyone .

Poundbury built Duchy of Cornwall’s land is mix of private and affordable housing. You’re quite right in saying Charles didn’t pay for the houses to be built .

Wouldn’t it be a good idea if gifts given to HRH’s were sold and the money raised put to good use .
Instead of unloved unwanted unseen .

The former Prince of Wales’s core charities alongside PWCF are:

The Prince’s Trust

Prince’s Trust believes that every young person should have the chance to embrace exciting opportunities. The Trust helps and empowers 11 to 30 year-olds to find the tools and confidence to try free courses and start careers. Find out more at

The Prince’s Foundation

Inspired by the former Prince of Wales’s vision of creating harmonious communities, The Prince’s Foundation focuses on supporting people to make the most of their community. Whether through building sustainable housing or regenerating neighbourhoods, developing family attractions or teaching traditional arts and skills.

Visit for more information on the work of the Foundation.

The former Prince of Wales is also Patron or President of more than 400 organisations and carries out dozens of engagements every year in support of his core charities and patronages.

He may well be a patron and open buildings , events etc etc but does he actually support any of these charities with hard cash I wonder ?

I expect he does. But surely that’s a personal question. And if he made an announcement every time he donated to charity he’d get ridiculed for that too.

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He wouldn’t need to make an announcement and why would he be ridiculed for being generous ?

Oh he’d be slated somehow for picking up the slack that the government should be doing. (At least that would be his excuse, seeing as how he isn’t political an’ all…)

Well I’ve just posted some, so was expecting some complimentary post from you about his donations.

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Pixie you do realise who the government money comes from do you?

I don’t know how much his donations were but seeing has he has just inherited a fortune ( free from inheritance tax unlike his poorer subjects ) from one of the worlds richest women I should hope it would be generous .

I see that this was in one of the links
‘The Fuel Bank Foundation said financial donations, sent to the King in condolence cards after the death of the late Queen, have been passed on to the charity along with an undisclosed donation from Charles via the Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund.’

I can’t think what sort of sycophantic idiots send money to one of the worlds wealthiest men but at least they have gone to a worthier cause

Once again, people are guessing about other folks and what they may or may not do, then, state it as fact, this has to stop!