New covid jab being brought forward

Just been reading that this is being rolled out in two weeks time alongside the flu jab.

We had the first 3 jabs then we refused the booster covid jab last winter.
We have decided not to have this next one either.


@RoseRed , here is the link to the new Covid jab and the flu jab.

I will accept both jabs when they are available. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just hold your breath, and keep two metres away from folk, its he new cautious :icon_wink:

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Everyone thinks everything is Ok now :smiley:

Me too Mags. My wife and I have had all of the previous jabs with no side effects at all so why would we not. Would we have caught covid had we not had the earlier ones? Who knows, but why take the chance.

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Me Too, very modern :icon_wink:

Same here EZ, we have both accepted all covid and flu jabs offered and fortunately stayed healthy.

Live for the moment :smiley:

I’ve lived (and loved) for millions of moments.

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Do you remember them, or assumption.

I only had three jabs for Covid as well. Mainly because after the third jab & just less than 24 hours after I had Global Transient amnesia, I am sure the third Covid jab triggered it & it was horrible, for several hours I couldn’t remember anything, it was like living in a fog. Ambulance took me to hospital but by then I was gradually coming out of it. I was assessed & tested & that is what they said I’d had. They didn’t know if it was the jab caused it, but I have not had another, My first two jabs were Astra Zeneca, fine with those, no problem at all, the third was Pfizer.

Tiffany …I can relate to anxiety about having this latest vaccine…after the third jab I was violently sick and could not stand or get my ballance for days…it was an horrific experience.

Not sure what to do about this latest one…will you have it?

I will be having both.

2 of my 3 helpers have it.

They are both big and normally very fit.

They have got it bad, not something I could cope with at the moment.

Have it now or have had it?

I have had it before, both times got it in hospital and ended up on forced oxygen.

Both my carers have tested positive for this new variant.

Worrying times for you matey, You are one tough fella.

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We still got covid after having the jabs as did most people I know.

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No, I’ll take my chance with getting Covid, hopefully not, but I don’t want to go through that again, if it triggred it.

I’ve just booked mine…… 21st October, they’re going to do flu and Covid together :scream:

A heady combination :icon_wink:

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