Netflicks - will you unsubscribe?

Imo, Netflicks has nosedived in recent months, what with all their Woke programmes and boring ‘made for TV’ films I have been considering closing the account.

To cap it all, they have now signed a $150M deal with Markle and the Duke of Gormless. Do I really want a part of my subscription to go to them? Not really.

I hope customers leave in their droves tbh. :twisted:

Dunno about this Dongle, I have never had NetFlix, so haven’t a clue how it works.
Not much help really am I. :smiley:

I saw a film the other night it was so woke and ghastly .
Firstly it was all about a rich American family .
Grossly rich and offensive and silly with everyone cooing and screaming and hugging each other .
The daughter was getting married to a man of a lower social standing .
The rich stuck up mother Of the bride looked down on the rough shell suited wearing relatives .The mother of the groom was a tubby outspoken working woman as opposed to the beautiful model like future mother in law.
It was all pretension and falsehood .
Now here’s the twist both families were black except the brides rich black family were as near to white as Meghan Markle .
They all had Caucasian features The father was slightly less dark and every bit as handsome as George Clooney .

The grooms poor family were black black with African features .
The rich white family had a house full of servants ( all white ) that the rich woman bossed around and treated with distain.
It was a parody of the help !

The grooms family were gauche and unpretentious.

It was moreover the most boring thing I ever sa indeed never saw the end of it as it bored me to sleep .

If thats the sort of thing MM and Poor Dozy are going to dish up I most certainly will cancel my subscription.

Why change the habit of a lifetime? :lol:

I unsubscribed a couple of months ago, but if I hadn’t I would have after hearing it’s going to be renamed Megflix… :lol:

:lol::lol: At least it is good for insomnia. There are plenty of those type of films on their menu now. I get the feeling they are trying to appeal to a particular audience. :twisted:

I understand the Markle brothers will be directing documentaries but can you imagine the drivel they will be banging on about. :shock:


:lol: Brilliant!!

Did you just get bored with the selection Barry? There are still films on there that I watched eight months ago.

I watched quite a good film a couple of das back .
The Judge with Robert Duval

I saw that but decided against it but might give it a go if you say it was good.

just before I unsubscribe of course. :mrgreen:

I had a look at NF at my sons house and was surprised to find TV programmes and old films, I would’t waste my money on it.

I thought it had new films, the one film I wanted to watch wasn’t on there (Sunset Song – based on the novel by Lewis Grassic Gibbon )

Oh pipe down you.

No way would I unsubscribe.

It is so cheap, has no ads and produces its own content of both movies and TV serials. Can’t complain about it at all. Good value and a good mix of old and new shows.

I aslo have Disney + (which costs me nothing as I am on my daughters account) but I rarely watch it though I am going to watch Hamilton soon.

Netflix is great service at a very affordable price, even better it gave Murdoch’s overpriced Foxtel a real kick up the arse.

The content on your feed is based on your previous tastes based on whatever algorithm they have. So if you have woke feed you must have expressed woke tastes in the past.

I’m not sure how Netflix differs here from in UK but For what it costs us - about $A20 a month - its a case of may as well keep it. Even if there’s only a handful of great things to watch, and there is, it’s till worth it. We have our own Australia based streaming service here called STAN which is just as good or better, particularly with series’ an that is definitely worth it at roughly the same cost. As for Foxtel we’ve never had it. Everything to do with Murdoch is crap and always has been. And woke?..I still don’t really understand what that term means.

Netflix is $13.99 a month unless you want 4K or $9.99 a month if you are happy with SD.

I took $13.99 (£7) because it allows 2 platforms at the same time.

STAN or Netflix?

I’m too hooked on The Last Kingdom a Netfix original I’ve watched all four series now. I think they are making a fifth series but if they don’t I might consider unsubscribing

I generally allow my subscription to Netflix to lapse after 2 months and I have watched everything that interests me. Then a year later I sign up again to see if there is anything worth watching.

The thing that really bothers me is that Netflix has entirely too many WW2 allied propaganda so-called films. These film shorts are in the public domain and costs nothing for Netflix to show them.

True, Netflix does have a few 1st rate films but the wretched films outweigh them.

I am now watching the Empress Ki
It’s rubbish but the crown Prince is so handsome .It has lots of Kung fu fighting and all the Chinese need to go to specsavers as the leading female role masquerades as a man.