My little corner

The hidden corner behind my greenhouse is home for my spring bulbs - dormant now until next spring.

Also some summer bulbs - I can’t remember what they are so I’m quite excited to see them flower…

My biggest excitement though are my potatoes. I’ve never grown anything edible before and just look at the size of them.

I just took some old sprouting potatoes out of my cupboard and planted them. I can’t wait for a crop but I’m wondering how long till they flower?

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If they are maincrop spuds then they may not flower for a few weeks yet, but whenever it happens try not to dig them up until the tops start to wither and die down. :slight_smile:

Carol, if they’re maincrop, the pots look far too small for them. You really should have planted them in a bucket or something bigger like a ½-barrel.

They look great, Carol! Once you have tried them, your entire garden will be covered in veggies! Nothing like homegrown food :smiley:

For reliability and quality, carol, you need to plant proper seed potatoes. You can never be sure what you will end up with if you plant just any old potatoes that happen to be sprouting. A friend of mine once planted a few left over potatoes he got from Tesco. Two didn’t do anything, and the other three produced carrots, with a rogue suede in amongst one crop. That would not have been too bad, except my friend doesn’t like carrots. :102:

I always stick my sprouting potatoes in the garden .
I feel sorry for them they deserve to have a life too:)

I’ve done that too and got some good potatoes from them

I’m afraid I agree with Percy, Carol.
Not much room for many potatoes to develop in those little pots, but good luck anyway.

Suede shoe, or suede jacket Harbal?

Jacket, please, Ullabi. :023:

Here’s a clearer look.

The blue tubs are quite deep though some of the other pots aren’t.

Check them for carrots, Carol, to avoid possible disappointment later.

Don’t be surprised if you find a suede jacket. :shock:

How deep did you plant them Carol?

Had some of ours already and they never disappoint…no flavour like home grown can match shop bought ones…some are turning yellow so will dig them up tomorrow and see what is occuring…Have grown them in potato sacks and was pretty successful, but with so much space in this garden, in the ground for us…
carrots not much luck with them…or parsnips… Tomatoes though are easy just about anywhere…can make your own Tomato sauces and freeze them with the surplus…bolognese and lasagna need a good tasty sauce…
Maybe have a go at Tomatoes Carol, if you like them…you can get some instructions if you fancy growing them next spring…Your potatoes in the tubs look big enough, but sure your let us all know…

I planted then a few inches from the bottom of the pot & as they grew I added more compost.

I found how to do it on on YouTube.:slight_smile:

I don’t like tomatoes & yes I’ll let you know know the potatoes turn out. :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s how I planted mine too. Fingers crossed.

New raised veg bed, my back decided it was time to raise the old veg bed up
A before and after

And very nice it looks too

It looks good Vlad :023: