My Friend

When kids have imaginary friends, it might be because they don’t have any real friends, but it wasn’t like that with me. I had friends when I was a kid, but as I got older I just drifted away from them and eventually stopped having friends altogether. That’s when I got my imaginary friend; his name is Peter Axminster.

No one could have asked for a better friend than Peter. We were never apart, and always saw eye to eye on everything. But recently I said something very unkind to Peter, and now he won’t speak to me. He just sits on the sofa saying nothing.

I deeply regret upsetting Peter, and I have apologised countless times, but he just refuses to have anything to do with me any more. This made me very sad at first, but now it is starting to annoy me. It is up to Peter if he wants to ignore me, but I think it a bit much for him to do it while sitting on my sofa. I never thought it would come to this, but I am seriously thinking about stopping imagining him.

Aw, so sorry to hear that you and Pete have fallen out. Has it anything to do with you opening the front door without your trousers again Harbal?

No, he said it was because I’m too sarcastic.

If you decide to stop imaging Peter I can probably accommodate him. I ran a small rescue centre for abandoned/unwanted imaginary friends.

Bless you. :wink:

Harbal I would just elbow Peter off the sofa onto the floor and not look at him again…problem solved…:mrgreen:

I would have to vet the place first, but if it’s okay, I’ll think him over to you.

That’s so kind Mav :smiley: have you got room for my friend Maud who refuses to go into the garden when I tell her too…:twisted:

Are you sure they didn’t drift away from you, i couldn’t possibly think why they would do such a thing though.

I wouldn’t like to be Peter, as any minute now I think he may need to duck,:lol::lol:

I must say I do like these type of stories, I tried to ignore you, but something pulled me in…:lol::lol::lol:

It must have been Peter,:lol::lol:

Harbal’s fishing rod

Yes, I can imagine that teaching him a lesson. In fact, I am imaging it right now.

More like Peter, :lol::lol:

I’m sure I can make room for Maud, she could perhaps share with Sylvia, whoever she is. Or Peter.

If you do decide to think them over to me please be aware that the hope is to find “forever homes” for them with the terminally lonely.

Did you imagine him too old, or too fat, or with the wrong colour/type of hair? He might want to be different to how you imagined him. He might even want to transition to the female gender - did you even think about that? No? Well that’s not really very woke of you Harbal, is it?!

Perhaps you should sit down and ask him what changes he’d like you to imagine for him. Or her.

You are very welcome on my thread, pauline, but I’m going to have to ask you to promise that I will behave myself. We don’t want any more trouble. :018:

Aw - it’s a shame - but for the best I think.

Time you had real friends in your life. There are many ‘friendship’ venues on the internet. You only have to google.

Forget about Peter - good luck. :slight_smile:

Harb. Can I be the mediator in all of this? Think my pompous superiority might unite you both like no other issue :wink:

No, I already have an imaginary woman who comes round twice a week. Candice Wilton.

Harbal, you need to let Peter know who is boss in your house.:slight_smile:

I think you should pull him into your imaginary office and give him a right carpeting,