My dog killed a Rat

A rat in my garden last night, it was huge!:shock:

He is a Jack Russell…which are rat catchers…:shock:…never killed anything before, although he did try and kill a pigeon once, luckily I managed to step in and free it.

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Gosh I came here thinking something terrible had happened to your dog, Pauline! Terriers have a high prey drive and will have a go at anything. He is doing what he is supposed to, well done him. Poor rat - but at least you won’t get any more around.

Oh Pauline, don’t do that! I thought your dog had been killed!!!

Sorry about the heading,I thought about it afterwards ,tried to put it right, but unable to , I will think before I post…as I can see what you mean…

I’ve made my apologies!! And explained!!..none of us a perfect, I made a mistake…admin can you change the heading please.?

I have sent Meg a message ,asking for my mistake to be changed…sorry if it’s upsetting others…I’m not perfect and make silly mistakes like this one!.

Ah don’t worry Pauline! Mine was meant to be just a light hearted comment, not a telling off ;-). I can so easily see how you could type a header like that without thinking how it might come across!

Yeah me too - didn’t mean it critically at all. No bother :smiley:

Can I borrow your dog pauline, we are absolutely stacked out with pigeons, and all they do all day is to crap and hump…Oh, and make a hell of a noise first thing in the mornings…:009:

Jack Russels are traditionally rat catchers dogs .
They are fearless little beggars and are sent down fox earths by hunts to kill foxes too .They will kill cats too given half the chance .

Perhaps you will need a ‘special’ Jack Russell though, one with wings OGF,
pigeons are often known as ‘flying rats’ or ‘flying vermin’! :wink: :slight_smile:

Oh I tell you…he has met his match with some cats around here…fearless little beggars they are as well Muddy…he craps himself when he meets them…so funny…:lol::lol:

No worries Pixie, Bathsheba…sorry if I was a bit tetchy!..

Hope he’s Leptospirosis jabs are up to date if he’s had a rat in his mouth Pauline! :shock:

There will no doubt be more too, as rats are seldom alone, they usually live in groups.

OGF…I couldn’t have him kill a pigeon…we have them here, they mess all over my decking…

Checking that out with vet…thanks Mups.

When they c…p you certainly know about it Baz…especially if it lands on your head!..:shock:

I admit I also thought you had lost your little dog Pauline.

So pleased you still have him.

Your title of your post has been altered :wink:

Thanks Mags, appreciate that…:slight_smile:

I know, living in a rural village there are thousands of them here plus also pheasants which are far worse when it comes to what they ‘deposit’ all over the place! There’s only one thing worse that I can imagine – flying cows and we haven’t got those yet! :wink: :slight_smile: