My Cupboard

Earlier today, just as I had taken something (I forget what :102:) out of my kitchen cupboard and closed the door, there was a sharp crack. I say kitchen cupboard, but I haven’t really got a kitchen as such. I live in a flat, and the kitchen and living area are part and parcel of the same room. Anyway, the fact is, the cupboard is a kitchen cupboard, regardless of where it hangs. It wasn’t a very loud crack; just loud enough to cause me concern, but not loud enough to startle me. A medium loud crack would be a fair description.

On inspection, I could see that the top right-hand corner of the cupboard had come away from the wall, and left a half inch gap. I say half inch, but that is only an estimate; I did not measure the gap. I didn’t panic, even though I wondered whether I ought to. I thought about it for a bit, and then took everything out of the cupboard. I put the contents of the right side of the cupboard into a cardboard box. The contents of the left side, which was entirely crockery, I put on the dinning room table. I am not claiming to have a dining room, just a dining room table.

I am quite confident that the cupboard is still secure enough -now that it is empty- to not come crashing down in the middle of the night when I am fast asleep, and when it would startle me :shock:. There is nothing more I can do at present, except wait for the owner of the flat to come and assess the situation. I will, of course, post updates as events progress.

Just as an afterthought, it occurred to me that some might have been left feeling hanging regarding the contents of the right side of the cupboard, which I forgot to describe earlier, my concentration being on those of the left side, which were by far the heavier.

The right side of the cupboard -or starboard side, as I call it when I’m in a frivolous mood- contained mundane things like gravy granules, olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, cocoa powder, Oxo cubes and other items along similar lines. It also contained a surprising amount of loose salt and pepper at the bottom, which only came to light after the removal of everything else. The cupboard has no nautical aspects to it, btw.

I’ll leave things there for now, before it starts to become boring.

… To be continued - I hope! :lol:

Surely you don’t think I’d leave you on a cliff edge, do you, Mags? :001:

I hope not Harbal! :lol:

The details are quite intriguing, Harbal! I do hope you get it fixed. :shock: How alarming, to have your kitchen falling to bits around you!

Well, as I said, Pixie, it is only partly a kitchen, so it’s not as alarming as it could have been, were it a proper kitchen. :001:

This thread has had 6 views, btw.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Shaker style kichenette…

Sounds like an open and shut case to me Harbal… :lol:

I’m looking forward to the updates Harbal although I am torn between this and another work in progress.

Nothing to report yet. The cupboard is still in a critical but stable condition.

150 views, I can’t believe it! :frowning:

Aww c’mon! I came bustling over here for part 2 “The Fixing” :shock:

Yes, Pixie, we are all very anxious, but we must be patient.

Pfft! Patience my backside. There’s a fellow across the road from me, moved into a council house with two broken windows. Actually living in it with a cat and everything. Council say their glaziers are “very busy” and will get round to it shortly. Its been lying empty for 4 months! Guess you might have to give it a go yourself, with some No Nails.

These things take time, Pixie. Look how long the Brexit negotiations have been going on, and they are twice as important as my cupboard. Although I’m hoping for a more favourable outcome.

Actually, I’m more concerned about my dismal viewing figures. I knew I should have somehow worked the word “rhinoceros” into the thread title. :mad2:

That made me chuckle! :smiley:

It’s not a laughing matter, Pixie. :018:

Empty cupboards are a waste of space; it’s very bad for the environment. I’m very concerned about my storage footprint. :frowning:

You should put a horse in that stable, Harbal :smiley:

(resumes serious face)

Oh but of course, Harbal…I truly empathise with your plight. This could impact cupboards worldwide if nothing is done about it now. I might empty a cupboard of mine, just to highlight the issue!