My name is Seth, after a little confusion I finally arrived:-D
Another Aussie from Melbourne. Now to discover how to use it.

Hope I’m in the right place to introduce myself:confused:

Hi Seth - and welcome!

Hi Seth,

Welcome. Another one of our old group here. Hope Innes sees that you have posted.
Now we just need Fwed & Pommy to post.

Blimey, Seth is here. :shock:
Another Aussie I see.
Must warn you, I have seen Seth before and have to warn you to keep your wallets hidden. If he offers to do any concreting for you, refuse as some have drowned in his concrete.
He once accused me of stealing his bike but I only borrowed it for a day and returned it in good condition. I can prove it.

Good morning Seth matey and welcome.

fwed is posting :wink:

Oh dear, there’s an Aussie invasion taking place. You’re all welcome providing you get the first round in !

Hello Seth. Welcome to the forum from me too. :smiley:

With all the welcomes, I would like to add that we Aussies do not like to discuss cricket. :cry:

Hello Seth :slight_smile: welcome, I look forward to chatting with you.

After the dismal efforts of your test team a few weeks ago matey, its hardly surprising is it???:lol::lol::lol:

Welcome to the forum Seth

Hi Seth and welcome from me too :slight_smile:

Hi Gerry, what sort of game is cricket? :smiley: anything like polo?

Yes it’s like a homecoming. I wonder if the Durham assizes is still in operation.

Thanks Myrtle, for the welcome.

Thanks Valice for your welcome.

Hello seth,welcome to the forum,good to see you here,have fun mate.


Good to know your still with us KB, Have you gone from King to shovel?

Hello again Seth, glad you found the way in at last , there’s a shortage of carrots around here but we’ll manage :smiley: