Mr Motivator - anyone remember him?

Do you all remember the Mr Motivator from GMTV in the 90s, well I loved him and used to regularly work out in front of the TV with him.

My friend who has a brain disease told me she found him on YouTube and he even does chair exercises for the less able as well as the usual Mr Motivator stuff.

I did two 15 minutes classes with him today and it was great fun and I could really feel the burn on my hips and bum!

Fun and getting the body moving, any level of fitness.

Did you used to watch him?

He’s 68 now and hardly looks much older than he was back in the 90s!

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I’m sure has been on tv recently during the lockdown along with that green woman.

Oh, the green goddess? She was a lovely woman, I used to work out to her too and Mad Lizzie lol

Mr Motivator was on BBC Breakfast on friday morning

I think the "Motivator "is just great , always have done

Yes, I remember him, and used to like him, Queenie.

Lke others just said, he was on telly last week.
He looks hardly any different to his younger days, so his exercises must have done him good. :smiley:

the guy never ages, same as that sinnita ,singer from the 80s or simon cowells ex.:slight_smile:

ha Ha I bought his tape I used to watch it with a coffee and biccies !

Ah, there you go, I thought I had seen him.

Yes, it was surprising when he disappeared from the screen in the 90s, would have thought in the interim years, there would have been an Ulterior Motivator.

His workouts do the job for sure, my bum muscles were killing me yesterday, i didn’t even attempt to do a class with him yesterday lol. Gonna have another go with him today though!

I didnt know he was on telly last week, I wonder if my friend did and thats how she found him on you tube.

I like the looks of what he is doing! I do something similar to this routine only with an aerobic step and with more weight movements over my head (aging to jumping jacks) and it’s kept my arms in shape and strong enough to paddle a surfboard. Great stuff!

He was on that crap Michael McIntyre show last Saturday evening.

Ooops. Sorry for bumping this one back up.

I bought his video
I used to watch it with coffee and biccies


Surfermum where are you, we miss you!!

Haha, naughty girl. Don’t think that was quite the idea. :laughing:

I used to like him.

That’s my kind of exercise!