More threats from Macron!

Once again Macron has resorted to threatening to cut
off our power supplies over continuing to pillage our
Fishing grounds?
Apparently we have denied licences to few French boats
for not providing historic evidence of ever fishing in our
waters before ??
We need to rescind the agreement Boris signed with Barnard
immediately and do what we should have done at the beginning
of this year , and reclaim all our rights to our fishing grounds
whether we are able to exploit them or not !!
It was interesting that Boris never mentioned this issue today??
Donkeyman! :frowning::frowning:

This is what happens when you decimate UK industry/ infrastructure & allow foreign registered / owned companies to own & or control essential services. It is also what happens when you elect an idiot PM & allow him to have control of your withdrawal from the EU.

The issue is neither Brexit, nor the EU. But is the result of poor negotiation & lots of posturing & a total lack of foresight & intelligence.


Some people rant about our own Boris, sometimes with good reason and sometimes not, but we should all be grateful that we don’t have Macron who prompted les gilets jaune remember - and that’s before he pretty much ridiculed covid vaccines and in doing so delayed their uptake not only in France but elsewhere.
He makes Boris look positively decisive with his muddled messaging and contradictions, and those unhappy in this country look tame compared to France’s military threatening Macron with civil war as they did mere months ago.

Macron is all bluster in the typical Gallic fashion and at the moment it’s because the French election process starts in April and he is hoping that his strong words will persuade voters.
I suspect that it will take far more than words to persuade the French to re-elect him.


I note, on Twitter, that there’s a massive demonstration going on in Paris shouting for Macron to resign. His presidency hasn’t been very successful, has it?

Rather like the joke. Man with deathwatch beetle in wooden leg, better off than man with metal leg in thunderstorm. Neither are a good option. But we elected the metal leg, who then personally created the current thunderstorm of issues.

President Macron is still not taking calls from PM Scotty from Marketing but he is returning his Ambassador to Australia so he can’t be all bad.

Macron and his political mates have said they want to redefine their relationship with Australia who has been accused of breaching France’s trust over the submarine deal, with Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian describing the federal government’s actions as a “stab in the back”.

Attempts by Australian government ministers to speak to their French counterparts are still being knocked back but so far no threats yet. However I think you can be sure that the negotiations for the FTA between the EU and Australia will proceed at a glacial pace.

I can think of absolutely nothing Johnson has done whilst Prime Minister that deserves praise, but pray convince me otherwise. :smiley:

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Isn’t Barnier about to throw his hat into the ring ?
I wonder how that will work out

To give you the excuse to argue which is what you so obviously crave?
I think I will decline, TVM.

Yes he is and he’s already showing his determination to win over French voters with some quite anti-EU opinions, so the forthcoming fight for votes will be an interesting one for sure.

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So nothing, as I thought.

Ah, but I never suggested that there were any as the quote from me you made makes perfectly clear.

It is about time for a Frexit vote for the French people. Let them decide to stay in the EU or not. As far as I have noticed the French look to themselves first. On that basis my betting would be leave.

Less Frexit than Frecoff as far as I’m concerned.

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Here’s what a Bussels publication thinks about Barnier:

He wasnt a eurpseptc when he was negotiating Brexit

@Muddy ,No, he wasn’t, and he isn’t now !
He is just trying to get a few Eurosceptic votes imo ??
Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking:

That short-arsed Micron is suffering with the long felt hangover from Napoleon’s defeat for which the French have never forgiven or forgotten. Get over it, we left the EU and we will run our group of nations our way, so you lot can sod-off and copulate with yourselves.


…and I thought it was because we cancelled their submarines. It’s that damn Napoleon, the bastard!

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You mean, their old technology highly polluting diesel engine submarines. Why would anyone buy obsolete goods? :wink::grin::+1:

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That was our idea, we wanted their nuclear subs refitted with diesel engines

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