More Covid vaccinations

Possibly dood.

Also possibly the anti vaxxers were loud and bothersome but actually few in number.

Silent majority just got vaccinated without fuss.


I didn’t have the covid or flu jab July, but I’m not an anti-vaxxer. I believe in everybody for themselves. Have the jab, don’t have the jab. It matters not to me, but when we are intimidated and punished for exercising our right not to have the jab it’s no wonder that some anti-vaxxers are loud and bothersome. When the establishment start banning people from events, offer some kind of reward for having the jab, and don’t allow the media to report any problems with side effects, alarm bells ring…

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that may be your opinion. It isnt mine.
Vacciantion isnt just about the individual but about protecting the whole community

However fact remains that most of the population are vaccinated, despite query upthread about whether this was the case.

How can not being vaccinated harm the community July?
Surely the only one who will suffer (according to your logic) is the one not vaccinated. If the vaccines are so good, the rest of the community who have been vaxxed have nothing to worry about…? And also according to your logic, the vaxxed folk could carry the virus but be unaware, whereas the un-vaxxed will be really poorly if they contract the virus? So it should be the vaxxed people who should stay indoors to prevent the spread to unvaxxed people?

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I take all the Covid vaccinations I am offered.
The last one I had was last Autumn.

My 1st bout of Covid was early in the pandemic, before it was acknowledged by our politicians to be in U.K. and it was way before the vaccine was available, so I know how it felt to contract the original virus without any vaccine protection. I was worried that I may not survive it and it has been a long struggle to recover my health and mobility.
That nightmare memory of struggling for each painful breath and knowing how badly it affected my health on a long-term basis afterwards is enough for me to keep taking the vaccines when I am offered them.

All my vaccines have been Pfizer mRNA type - and after studying the research results of them all, that would have been my preferred vaccine anyway, so I’ve been glad to have them.
Apart from the usual couple of days of feeling a bit under par while my immune system gears itself up to protect me, I have had no adverse effects.

I did contract Covid a few years later - I felt no symptoms of it whatsoever but it was picked up from the Covid App I had on my phone, to let me know I had been near someone who had tested Covid Positive and confirmed by an official Covid testing station that I was Covid Positive too, so I isolated myself until I tested Negative again…

Whether it was my original infection which had primed my immune system to deal with the later infection or whether it was the vaccinations, which were engineered to combat the later mutated version of the Covid virus I contracted, I couldn’t say. I suspect it may have been a combination of both.
My original Covid infection may have given my immune system some of the “initial building blocks” to help recognise and combat the infection but it may not have been fully prepared to recognise and combat the mutated form of the virus if I had not taken the updated vaccinations, as the virus mutated in the community. Those updated booster vaccinations probably helped to identify and attack the virus before it had time to do much damage or cause me any symptoms.

I’m glad to say that I am no longer considered “vulnerable” and have now been signed off from the Long Covid clinic, although I have been left with some ongoing organ damage which is under control and being monitored.

This last January was a full 4 years after my initial infection. I had been gradually building up my walking distance and I finally felt fit enough to go back to my Gym and start trying to regain some of the fitness levels I have lost.
So far, so good - fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: - but I will keep having my Covid vaccination boosters as and when my medical team recommend them.

The only thing I disagree with my GP about is that I don’t want to have my Covid and Flu vaccinations at the same time.
My GP Surgery say it is OK to do them together but I do not like the idea of expecting my body to deal with both vaccinations at the same time.
I prefer to leave at least 3 weeks between them, so my body can deal with them one at a time. I accept that is my “gut feeling” rather than a scientifically-based decision but it has worked well for me so far.
For that reason, I accept the Winter Flu Jab offered by my GP Surgery and book my Winter Covid Vaccination via the NHS App at a local pharmacy when I am eligible to have it.

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I’ve been offered the latest jab, as I’m in the over 75 bracket. Going to give this one a miss, as I felt like shit for a couple of days after the last one. Probably have one with the flu jab, later in the year.

nobody claims any vaccines have 100% efficiency

By vaccinating yourself against infectious diseases, you are limiting the spread to others as well as reducing risk to yourself.

That isnt Covid specific but is basic concept of how vaccination works and how infectious diseases spread
Not “my logic”

Never had the Jab. Never had the COVID. Of course I never had the Chicken Pox, Measles, Mumps or any other serious disease. I never get the flu shot and never get the flu. I credit my level of heath to the constant influx of alcohol to my bloodstream. No virus can live in such a contaminated body.


Just had my Jab today.

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Haven’t had any Covid jabs, I wasn’t inclined to risk experimental MRNA shots.

Lots of eminent oncologists and heart surgeons have reported many previously unseen afflictions.

It never struck me as rational to be hysterical over a flu virus, which by far only really affected those with co-morbidities.

It’s not my concern to get jabbed on the off chance I’m protecting others who themselves make no effort to stay fit. I noticed at a recent quiz night just how overweight and unfit people around me were, all gorging on highly processed junk food.

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Spot on Conradd… :+1:
How many of those criticising the un-vaxxed didn’t consider the health of others when they lit up their fags.

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No I do not see lots of oncoligists or cardioligists saying such things - - and have not known of any telling their patients not to get vaccinated

If I smoked, I wouldnt do so near other people either and Australia has laws about where you can smoke so passive smoking does not affect others

Not really seeing connection between the 2 things though - seems a whataboutery type answer.

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It’s not just about you though is it July…

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No of course it isnt just about me. What a strange thing to say.
and oddly you didnt pick on Conrad saying ‘its not my concern’ or ‘it never struck me’

that doesnt change what I said though - there are not lots of oncoligists or cardioligists telling patients not to get vaccinated, as was claimed.

and the smoking comment was just whataboutery unconnected to the issue. Whether I myself smoke or not doesnt change that.

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Quite right … Before my emergency operation to remove a growth from my heart … it was important my vaccination was up to date… Covid outbreak in the hospital that was oct/nov 2023.

Ps off topic. I don’t smoke

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But I didn’t claim that ? I might have agreed with it… :disguised_face:

If yer get past 65 years old, in a pretty good state, vaxed or unvaxed you ain’t doin bad, and more time for you to be Vexed :icon_wink:

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Conrad said it and you agreed with it.

It is not correct.

The vast majority of oncoligists or cardioligists do no such thing.

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We take our advice from our GP not some “expert” on the internet.
Jabs don’t stop you from catching it but lessen the symptoms and possibly prevent actual death.We’ve been told that covid can effect other organs in the body and make minor ailments much more severe.

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No one knows long term if Covid or the Jabs will have long term connotations, folks just like banging on about it.
This is just an opinion, not based on any data or any medical article.

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