Mordaunt vs Johnson vs Sunak - who do you think will win? (poll)

There are two polls below, one to say who you think will one, and one to say who you’d like to win…

Who do you THINK will become the tory party leader?
  • Penny Mordaunt
  • Boris Johnson
  • Rishi Sunak
  • Somebody else

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Who do you WANT to become the tory party leader?
  • Penny Mordaunt
  • Boris Johnson
  • Rishi Sunak
  • Someone else!

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Same old, same old. Though at least Penny Mordaunt went to a red brick uni rather than the inevitable Oxbridge.

Mordaunt seems desperate - declaring her intent after only a few nominations :043:

What will happen if Boris gets back in? The party will have humiliated itself - kicking a PM out, then letting him back in because they’re desperate :044: (And how will he feel about all those who stabbed him in the back? Can he even put together a functioning govt?) Either way if he gets in the other parties will never let it die (plus he’s still under investigation, and could actually be kicked out again)

Sunak and Mordaunt, I don’t think anyone sees them as a credible PM, so that, along with the Boris debacle suggests we’ll see an early election (maybe someone should start a poll for that! :wink:)

Edit: added second poll, and voted… Boris.

Personally I am not voting in your poll @Azz for obvious reasons but I was just reading a very interesting Opinion piece on the ABC web site which discusses the demise of Truss and more particularly the decline of Conservative parties in general.

I must quote a comment in another article about Truss which said:

You might think that replacing the only prime minister in British history to have been found to have broken the law while in office would prove a low bar to leap over.

However, Liz Truss somehow found a way to limbo under the standards of competency set by her predecessor, Boris Johnson, in his government’s desperate dying days.

That did make me chuckle.

However to think that Boris Johnson is still being considered as a candidate for PM is horrifying.

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Don’t give a “Tom Tit” who gets it, just as long as they are up for a bit more “Trickle Down” :love_you_gesture: :boxing_glove:

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Putting Johnson back in will mean doing the same thing and expecting a different result .

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They keep banging on about 2019, that wasn’t a Boris/Tory vote, that was a pi55ed off with Brexit vote FGS!!!

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To return the buffoon to number 10 will only serve to confirm the corruption in the Tory party .
What a sad state of affairs.


It never does, to show the last you have to offer.

I honestly don’t know who will win - I think it probably depends what underhand deals are done behind the scenes by the warring factions of the Conservative party.

If I had a choice, I would choose Sunak - but the Johnson supporters seem to be implacably opposed to him, so maybe there’ll be some “deal” done whereby Mordaunt is selected by enough MPs from all the different Tory factions to be the “only compromise candidate”

I don’t think Johnson should even be standing as a candidate, considering the reasons he had to resign and the ongoing investigation about his conduct.
Sadly, if there is enough MPs willing to put Johnson into a final Vote-Off, giving the Tory Members the opportunity to choose between him and one of the others, I fear the Members will choose him.
After all, they just chose Truss as PM in their last Vote, so one cannot rely on their judgement!


I think l am past caring but not trying to be sexist here, l would prefer a man to run the country.


At this moment in time (it changes by the hour) I would like to see Penny Mordaunt although can’t see it happening. If Boris gets in for the next few months all it will be will be about the investigation. If Rishi gets in all it will be about is his wife’s non dom status and his American green card. I’d prefer the country to be sorted out rather than what’s been happening for months now and discussing personalities.


I agree, we need to put a stop to the “personality politics” which have crept in to our culture and get back to viewing the performance of a government as a whole.
We need a cohesive team governing the country, instead of all these warring factions fighting between themselves and jostling for position from inside their own party, briefing and counter-briefing the media to further their own ends.

If the Tory Party want to survive, the MPs will have to stop all that nonsense and get behind one candidate that could unite the party as Leader and get some consensus on which other MPs are going to have a place in the Cabinet, based on their skill sets and competence to do the job they are selected for, not their individual ideologies, which faction of the Tory Party they identify with or their personal friendships.

If Penny Mordaunt can do all that, maybe she would be the best person for the job (she would need a lot of juggling skills to keep all the warring factions happy and in order!) - she has already shown she can “talk the talk” - she performs well in the House of Commons and handles difficult questions well - she has said she would keep on Jeremy Hunt as Chancellor to maintain continuity and appoint Ministers from across all parts of the divided party.


@wendeey ,Looks like it’s been decided allready to me!
Sunac has reached then100 mark and the others are nowhere near as yet ?
The plot is running true to form imo !
Rishi will get a landslide , it’s all been arranged ! The also rans won’t even reach
the 100 mark ?
The man who bankrupted us will become the new PM . :-1::confounded::confounded::-1:

They love talking about the leader needing to be inclusive in choosing their team. Why then don’t they consider doing something a tad more imaginative and select a back bencher to lead thrm, who potentially won’t have built up too many enemies yet?
Personally, I’m still rooting for Diane Abbott, or the bag of frozen turnips.

It looks like Sunak, the back stabbing, snake in the grass, mutineer will get in…
It was Sunak and his band of mutineers that started this whole fiasco off in the first place. I consider what sunak did to Boris, far worse than anything Boris has done.

As long as the man who killed my brother-in-law doesn’t.

@Omah You’ve lost me there Omah ? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Me too.

BJ’s response to the threat of a COVID epidemic in the UK notoriously belated and incompetent (at one point he missed the COBRA meetings because he was shacked up with Carrie at Chequers) - thousands of UK citizens died because of it - my brother-in-law was one of them.