Mo Farah is not my real name and my life story was fake, says Olympic champion

You are right Rox especially if you are taken, as a child, to a country that is not one you know or have lived in. If we are all honest & had been taken from home & moved from a house where we were treated badly, but managed to get help to build a good life for ourselves, I doubt any of us would want to be returned the country of our birth.
As we grow up we learn how to live with the laws & ways of the country where we became an adult!

@Maree , I think these two “brothers”, Mahad and Ahmed were the young children who were brought over to England with Mo - the children he had to look after when he was living with the woman who brought him over here (Nimco Farah)
They were very young, so it’s possible they did think of Mo as a brother.

I am not sure if it was mentioned in the documentary or if I have read it elsewhere but after Social Services had agreed to place Mo with Kinsi, he continued to see these children who lived with Nimco regularly and he acted as an older brother to them - if they were Muktar’s children, then Kinsi was their Aunt. I am not sure if Nimco was the Mother of both of them or if she was the Mother of the real Mohammed Farah - I suspect not.
The story put about seemed to be that Mo was Muktar’s son but was living with his Aunt.
It sounds like Mo lost touch with the two boys when he got bit older.
Muktar and Nimco split up, so maybe Kinsi stopped having family visits with her sister-in-law Nimco and when Mo was around 20, he found his real Mother and brother were still alive, so I expect he wanted to distance himself from the other family who had been involved in illegally trafficking him.

I’m not sure we’ll ever get to know the whole family set-up - they all seem to be interconnected in some way - and there is so many gaps in the story.
The family members Mo was supposed to be reunited with in UK did not crop up again - they disappeared from the story after Nimco tore up their contact details - did they ever exist? or were they here illegally too, so have never come forward?
As Mo himself said, he finds it hard to think that some members of his own family may have been involved in the trafficking.
I guess the Home Office will now be investigating the whole family set up of Muktar and Nimco, who are no longer together, Kinsi may know more than she would publicly admit - there was a fair bit of deflection in response to the questions put to her.
Muktar had a lot of children, not all with the same Mother, it seems, so the HO may check details of any other children they may have brought to UK over the years.

It was not the children’s fault, of course, but the adults are responsible for what they were doing.


That’s how I feel too, Boot. :+1:

Good. All immigrants who engage in crime in the UK should be deported as a matter of course or imprisoned in an internment camp until they assist with their own repatriation.

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Makes no difference. Here illegally? Kick them out.

I read that Nimco wasn’t the real Mo Farah’s mother, which probably explains why she was willing to let the fake Mo Farah take his ID, but not why Muktar went along with it?

I can’t help wondering if they were paid to do this and if the fake Mo Farah’s family were doing the paying? I can’t see just having one small boy as a servant would be worth the trouble and expense and Muktar sacrificing his own son?

Nimco may well have been cruel and prioritised her own children and Muktar may have blamed the fake Mo Farah for separating him from his own son

But I’m not convinced about the “trafficking” part of this and I don’t think it was just a case of cruel strangers importing a child to be a slave, these people, including his mother, seem to be very intertwined

Mo was in his thirties when Mahad and Ahmed came out with these accusations of being his brothers and abandoned by him. Maybe they were after a couple of bob, who knows?

But he wasn’t a frightened child then, he was a man at the height of his career, already married and a “Sir”, yet he didn’t tell the truth, presumably for fear of losing what he had?

Of course he wasn’t to blame for what happened to him as a child and I’m not suggesting for one moment he should be deported or punished. But he went along with the lies for an awfully long time after he was an adult and out of their power

And my philosophy is that if someone has lied to you once, then it’s wise to view the next tale they tell you with some scepticism


I think that’s the point, though. Muktar and his own two boys were here legally

And he had another son, the real Mo Farah who he would have been legally entitled to bring to the U.K. to join him

Instead, they brought over the fake Mo Farah using Muktar’s real son’s ID

So why did he agree to that? There’s got to have been an incentive, probably financial, so who did the paying?

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I disagree. Most kids just want their Mums - any programmes like Genes Reunited, Who Do you Think You are and Long Lost Family will confirm this.

In the whole programme I don’t think the “fake” Mo Farar ever mentioned this. You are still very young and close to your Mum at 9 years old.


I’m sure he missed her dreadfully, the whole sorry business was very sad

But by the time he came to the U.K. he’d already been separated from her for five years. She sent him away for safety when he was four and he lived with his uncle in Djibouti until he was sent to the U.K. at 9

Not that that would have hurt any less, of course :frowning:

She didn’t seem a very caring mother to me .

As I surmised all is not quite as it seems the woman who took him was a family member .
It’s great to know that lots of Somali children have been illegally brought to the U.K. by this method .
The woman and his pseudo father are both in Somaliland at the moment . Let’s hope they stay there .
All these poor Somali s living in council flats seem to be able to flit back to somaliland when they want too .

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Yup, the whole story is well dodgy and they all seem to be related and complicit

Before I even started believing any of it I’d want DNA tests! Is Mo Farah’s father really dead, is that really his mother…. Not sure about any of it

And even that article you quoted that reveals Nimco is related to our fake Mo Farah and his family, doesn’t mention that Kinsi, the woman who looked after him after social services intervened, is Nimcos sister-in-law. And brother to Nimco’s husband, who is the father of the real Mo Farah, who’s ID was stolen

And by my reckoning, our fake Mo Farah was 13 or 14 when he applied for British Citizen and 17 when it was granted, so a young adult

I’m glad Nimcos offered to speak up but it will be hard going getting the truth out of any of them, I think

Impossible I would say .
The fact is that the Somali community has probably been importing kids for years into the soft soap U.K. .i don’t blame them wanting a better life but in true corrupt African fashion they lie and bribe their way to what they want .if we are stupid enough to be ripped off by these people it’s our own fault
Let’s hope these two liars stay in Somaliland.


Yet another different story :woman_shrugging:

If Nimco is our fake Mo Farah’s real fathers cousin, as has been suggested

Then this grandmother who she says encouraged her to substitute our fake Mo Farah for the real one, would also be our fake Mo Farah’s great grandmother?

I believe he was brought here illegally, using the other child’s ID, but not that he was ‘trafficked’ to be servant. I suspect his family was complicit in it, to get him into the U.K. and that it was a commonplace practice. No evidence, but was money exchanged to persuade Nimco and her husband to do it?

Quite right and they manage to get “council” housing yet flit backwards and forwards to Somalia as they please. They get the best of both worlds.It is absolute madness that they get away with this. I have read that some of them even sublet their “council” homes while they are back in their home countries.


I’m not going to pour scorn on the Mo Farah trafficking life story without knowing the full facts.


I honestly don’t think the full truth will ever be told Ripple. That teacher had the chance to reveal the truth to the Police and Social Services but chose not to, as did the “fake” Mo Farah especially when he was doing his autobiography.

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All the more reason without further knowledge to refrain from laying blame…

He’s in the country illegally and is a serial liar. What more is there to know?

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Legally, the government can remove a person’s British nationality if their citizenship was obtained through fraud. But a Home Office officials have said it would not take action over Sir Mo’s nationality , as it is assumed children are not complicit when their citizenship is gained by deception.

If the UK government removed everybody who told lies Britain would have a very low population …consisting mainly of saints