Mo Farah is not my real name and my life story was fake, says Olympic champion

  • Well now! :thinking:
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Yes, this has been on radio and tv a lot today. I shall probably watch that when it comes on.
Poor man. I am glad he came good in his life eventually.


It sounds a heart-wrenching story - sadly, one of many children trafficked into slavery.


An incredible story … :astonished:

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Is anybody surprised? Most illegal immigrants are not who they say they are. The boat people for example, all throw their passports and ID away before they reach our shores.

It seems to me that our Border Force and immigration service have been failing for years. A couple claimed asylum in our county a few years ago claiming they were from war torn Congo. The local council fell over themselves housing them, furnishing and clothing them, feeding them etc and getting them on to courses. She qualified as a beauty therapist and was apparently a great student. Her husband then murdered her and threw her body in a ditch and were it not for this, their secret would never have come out. They had actually been living quite happily for many years in Germany And had NOT fled a war zone. All a pack of lies.

I know Mo Farah or whoever he really is was only a child when he was brought here but can we even believe that?
He seems a lovely guy and is a brilliant athlete but why has he confessed all this now? he has always known he is living a lie.

What I am saying is we don’t know who most of these people who enter the country illegally really are. They could be murderers, rapists, conmen, terrorists. We must tighten up on this.

I dd wonder that too…it seems a bit odd and wondered what has triggered it.

Well, we could ask why Philip Schofield suddenly announced he is gay not long ago, and he is 60!

And what about all these sports personalities that do this, like Kelly Homes recently, and that female Boxer, Nicola Adams, and the rugby player Gareth something- or-other?

Perhaps with Mo Farah, he was afraid of repercussions from other gang leaders, or maybe he was under threat from them if he ever spoke out. These people were criminals don’t forget.
We don’t know anything yet.

I am not going to judge him without even seeing what he has to say on Wednesday.

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That’s all very true, Mups, and I didn’t mean to sound judgmental at all. I just wonder what triggered it now, in the midst of everything that is going on. I’m looking forward to hearing his story.

I’ve always thought of Mo being a very nice man.

What a shock to learn of his earlier life, poor boy.

I admire him making a good life for himself in our country and wish him, his wife and children all the best for the future.


I was gutted for him when I heard this. Poor Bloke, and not his fault…

One thing puzzles me … if he lived a life of cruel servitude, how on earth did he manage to get into athletics?

I’m a cynic I know … something doesn’t sound right and he’s known for 19 years he wasn’t Mo Farah.

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his P E. teacher helped him

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That makes sense.

Ah, thanks … hasn’t his athletic career ended now? I wonder what he does for a living?

9pm tomorrow evening on BBC2

I’ll trust everyone else to watch it and post a critical review.

Revelations, everyone is jumping on the Bandwagon.

Flogs his life story Morty…


So he was trafficked into a life of servitude ( presumably by a family member ) but they did send him to school ?


It all seems a bit hazy , I will watch it tonight to see what is what .
No doubt there are others like him too .