Misled Over Brexit ? Certainly Looks That way!

We need to get this sorted.


We are powerless to do anything until elections.

That supposedy hugely-influential and well-respected “initiative” which says that it wants a “proper” Brexit (but doesn’t say by who’s definition) and has a huge 3637 Twitterati followers - or to be accurate, 175 actually following their twits.
Er, Tweets.
(By comparison even David Icke managed to garner over 380,000 followers before being banned for his extreme POV.)
I’ve seen some scraping of barrels in my time but this has to be up there with the worst examples of that practice.

Here’s a report from the Dublin-based Institute of International and European Affairs on how what some of the lunatic fringe seem to think is a non-Brexit or a BRINO is affecting EU/UK negotiations and in particular of course Ireland.
Because contrary to the delusions of others, Brexit is affecting more than the UK.
Which as the sensible person would realise is only natural after almost 50 years of integration; a new “normal” will take time to achieve.


Yes indeed and that will be when the British public can decide whether what has been accomplished meets with their satisfaction or not.

Which is IMHO better than making hasty decisions after less than two months after divorce and when whatever issues arise have not yet had the opportunity to be fully resolved.

I hope Farage gives the Tories another rocket up their ass in the May elections.

If the public agree then he will.

Exactly why all the delays Zaphod !
Remainer and EU strategy to get the electorate bored stiff with
Brexit !!
The longer the delays the more chance the strategy has of working. !!
Hence the need for action. NOW !!
5•5 yrs fishing delay!
ratification delay 3 months and counting !
The election will be too late imo??


Isn’t that just local elections Bread ??
It can’t really affect Brexit can it??
However, l will vote for Nigel of l get the chance this time !!
But l think we have been well and truly shafted after all ??


The only delay I see is with the EU’s official ratification.
The election being further away gives those opposing the government more time to garner support so IDK what you’re worried about?
Again, people will decide.
It’s up to those who want their stance recognized to persuade the electorate.
You’ve a while to do that in and good luck.

Imo having three goes to get a majority to overturn Brexit and losing each one should be enough don’t you think??
The only reason for further delays can only be as l have allready
stated elsewhere ??


What you think and what I think doesn’t matter.
It is what the British public thinks that counts.
They are the ones who will decide and we will see if they agree with you.

ONLY if they agree with the government it seems Zaphod ??


What are you on about?
Are you suggesting that the electoral system here in the UK is somehow rigged?
:?: :eek:

As with every election held here, voters will decide.
That is the democratic way.

I am on about the fact that in the last (how many years was it??
We had the referendum, then the May election, and then the Boris
election, all of which endorsed Brexit !!
Along the way things changed from BREXIT MEANS BREXIT, to
HARD or SOFT BREXIT wand all colours in between till we got
the promise e to GET BREXIT DONE,( What ever that means) Which
resulted in a landslide victory for Boris to do that,which included
regaining control of our of. our borders,eg.fishing etc!
I can see no evidence of us doing any of that other than a piece of
unratified paper which can be torn up at any moment now, as
Barmier is allready threatening to do( we wish)
But no, it seems we are in for more delays? So far at least another
5yrs in the case of fishing alone ?

Donkeyman !  

No wonder l am disgruntled

Let’s see if Frost can kick it into touch, but to be honest we don’t have a treaty in place anyway because its not signed by the EU. All the EU is doing is dragging out the negotiations.

At least you understand what l say Bread !!
I agree on Frosty, but why did Gove respond to the ratification
request from the EU ??
Frosty is in charge now, isn’t he ??


Boris is in charge.
Frosty will be given his guidelines by Boris.

The rest you can keep banging on about all you want, but I suspect that the vast majority of people disagree with you.
As I keep saying: no matter how Brexit turns out, somebody somewhere won’t like it.
I guess this forum found a few of those somebodies.

Gove endorsed Mays Treaty which included the old Northern Ireland backstop - says it all about him. Now Frosts got his job and Gove hasn’t a cabinet position, he is just a backbencher. He was great with education so maybe he will replace Williamson (fingers crossed) or even better, give it to Ian Duncan Smith.

If Frost asks for too much, the EU will drag their heels on ratifying the trade deal - standard procedure for them, look at how many years Japan took and even then tariffs are in place for another 5 years. Whatever Frost asks will be worse than what the EU have now so all this means is the negotiations aren’t finalised and are going to rumble on for years. Brexit is nowhere near “done” as we were promised in the General Election.

The withdrawal agreement was just 4 years of an off-line trade war and the next 4 years will be the same while this agreement is in place. It’s a waste of time, just tear up the deal and ban their boats from our fisheries, then remove the border down the Irish Sea.

We need to put the UK first … that was the whole point of Brexit.

Here’s what Gove said:
"“As you know provisionally applying the agreement was not the United Kingdom’s preferred outcome given the uncertainty it creates for individuals and businesses and indeed the parties,” he wrote.

“Extending the period of provisional application prolongs that uncertainty.

Our expectation is that the European Union should be able to satisfy its internal requirements before 30 April 2021.”

Better to leave the EU enough rope, just as used recently by VDLeyen.


Gove has got a Cabinet position, next most senior to Boris.