Metropolitan Police to investigate No 10 lockdown parties - More Fines Issued

Oh, right. Thanks Muddy.

I see Starmer is being a typical politician calling for Boris to resign because he was being investigated but not doing so himself now he finds himself in the same situation.

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Yes, and now the hole he’s dug because of that, is just waiting for Capt. Hindsight to fall into it. :rofl:

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More on this later.

I suspect Tories are now very worried that the Durham Police investigation will lead nowhere, and that Johnson will receive multiple additional fixed penalty notices.

That would leave the government in a very difficult position, which is why they’re now backtracking on calls for Starmer to resign.

More than 50 new Partygate fines issued over past month, says Met, taking total to more than 100
And here is the last update from the Met police on Partygate fines, issued a month ago today. At that point more than 50 referrals for fines had been made.

The latest announcement shows that the number of Partygate fines has more than doubled, with a further 50 fines being issued over the past month.

Previously the Met were issuing updates every fortnight, but last month the Met said they would delay their next bulletin on the number of fines issued until after the local elections. But fines continued to be issued during the election period.

No 10 said reporters would be told if Boris Johnson received a further fine during this period. At yesterday’s briefings, No 10 were saying he had not received a second fine.

It resulted in a total of 126 fines, known as Fixed Penalty Notices, being issued for events across eight different dates.

Twenty-eight people have been issued with more than one fine, the force added.

The Met said it would not be identifying any recipients of fines from its investigation, which had involved 12 detectives and cost £460,000.

The force added that its investigation involved examining 510 photographs, as well as CCTV images, emails, diary entries and witness statements.

Police also examined 204 questionnaires from people who were at the events. There were no interviews under caution.

Farce, anti-climax, whitewash … :roll_eyes:

The ending of the police inquiry paves the way for the publication of the full report by senior civil servant Sue Gray into lockdown gatherings.

The full report is expected to be published next week.

Has it been reviewed and redacted … :question:

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We all knew it was the civil service having parties.

All eyes on Sir Kier Starmer now.

It really wasn’t the parties or whatever. It was and remains the lies from johnson, even in The House.

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Yes, exactly that. It shamed our country to keep a PM who lies to Parliament

And it’s far worse for a PM who made the laws to break them

He’s shown his complete contempt for Parliament, our democracy and us peasants

He thinks he’s above the laws that are for little people and I hope karma catches up with the vile man real soon

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12 detectives and £500,000 later, we know the police looked into 12 shindigs, 345 documents and more than 500 photographs.

We know 126 fines were issued to 83 people.

28 people got more than 1 fine. At least 1 person ended up with 5.


Was it worth the financial outlay? Not at all. 126 * £50 = £6,300 in charges/fines and the investigation cost £500k? Total waste of the tax payers money if you ask me.

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They broke the law and the law won.

The Met should have fined them £10,000 each to cover the costs and leave a bit left over for a police party … :wink:

And once again dorris has not been called out on his lying.

£6k maybe. There weren’t that many £10k fines issued that weren’t greatly reduced on appeal.

OK but that would only leave enough for a night out for the lads:

126 * £6,000 = £756,000

Depends on how many “lads” you invite to the party, Omah :rofl: I reckon £256K would cover a gert big shindig for the 12 detectives involved in the investigation and their mates.

True … :grinning:


The Troops are not happy.

They have been fined and |Boris has got off.

Expect retaliation, not just on this but on everything.

No !0 will be leaking like a sieve.

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I hope so … :+1:

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